"arrows" on the front of the helmet


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I am 75% ready to start building my helmet (I am going to make a cardboard mockup first, sans dome, to see how everything goes together first, then move to the Sintra and batting helmet), and I am curious...how do you put the "arrows" on the front of the helmet (above the visor), and what size are they, etc? Thanks! :)

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I don't know how much instruction you're after, but the arrows are to be recessed into the helmet, if that's what you mean. They don't "sit" on the surface.

Hope that helped :)



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I've seen them be cut in with a drill and file, also have seen a big rectangle cut out of the helmet filled with bondo and stamping them in while the bondo is setting.


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Measure twice, cut once...(y)

cut out arrows, then place sintra behind it... thats how i would do it.

simple and quick.


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Here's a great image from Chris's (TK 409's) website. Lots of good info!


Yep, this is the place to go to get the info. Thats where i got the measurements for mine from and they turned out pretty darn good (see pic)



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Hey Ronin, you make any casts of that yet?

Not yet but very very soon. I am just a bit busy at the moment. I am deperately trying to get my Fett ready for Celebration Europe (and seem to be fighting a losing battle :lol: ) and i have a ton of courses to attend during May which seem to be taking up all my 'fett' time.

But as soon as i pop these kiddies out of the molds i will post here immediately. Not sure if anyone will be interested in them but its another bucket for people to consider.