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Does anyone know who makes the smallest chest armour pieces? I am test fitting my parts at the moment but they seem a little wide, I am looking for a good fit on the vest with no overlapping pieces, Ive seen Seekers pictures and his looks dead on (as usual (y) ) I believe that armour is FettPrides, anyone want to chime in on armour that is of a similar size? PM's welcomed!!!
I dont know, I have Bobamakers and it fits my frame well. 6'0-175 pounds 39 chest. That give you some idea?
I'm 5'8" and 135lbs. I used templates I found on this site to make my armour out of sintra. After I cut them out I ended up having to make the pieces quite a bit smaller so they'd fit on my vest without over lapping. If your small like me you may have to make you own. It's not hard. They're are templates on this site. You just need a heat gun, some plastic, and some time.
I'm just over 5'9", and the armour I made fits me perfectly. It is actually very close to MB's armour in size. PM if you're interested...

can anyone give me inches measurement on the templates for armor? (XL more then likely, Iama big guy, 6ft2, 250 pound) I cant print on the paper sizes it requires... dont have acess.. so I needa hand draw them
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