armor vest pattern for a larger guy?


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what armor vest pattern did you use?....( what was the pattern ## please)....and how do i modify it for a larger guy ??.....size 54 chest?
need the soft cheerleader vest thing........what pattern do i use, and how do i "upsize " it?

-i just bought armor from bradley, thanks anyway.....8)
I have the pattern at home, I'll try and remember to check the number of the pattern.

When I upsized mine (only had to go from a 42" to a 44") was add an inch on the seam on side under my arm and an inch on the body in the front directly below your chin down to your belly button. There is no seam here per se, you use the patern piece and put them back to back as if there would be a seam but cut it from 1 piece of materal. Also added 1 inch to each side of the back. This ended up being more then the 2 inches I needed but because I did the vest double thick and most of them were on seams it ends up with the vest just barely fitting. I will be redoing this now that I have a little more experience sewing.
Sorry I didn't get back right away with the pattern. Its Simplicity 9806. I checked tonight when I was at Wal-Mart and the one here still has them.

Good luck.
thanks so much!!

gonna run right out and get that !!

( grabs keys and runs out the door)

......what material should i use??...

someone said satin , inside out?
How good are you at sewing? Have you ever "enlarged" a pattern? Are you sure of your measurements?

I'd suggest going with a cheap material and get the feel for it. Then you can try again with inside out satin.

I made mine out of cotton twill, it was a bit thick. When I remake it i'll use satin inside out, but for now Fett is on hold while I make my imperial royal guard.
Depending on the price of the satin, if you can find a good ammount for cheaper then basically the cheapest other material buy the satin to experiment with. Who knows maybe the first try will be all you need.

I usually look for the "cheap ass" material that is near the end of the bolt. I try and match weight of fabric and contents (100% cotton or 50/50) of the final material i want to use. Get enough of the cheap ass stuff and work it out on that. Once I know what I'm doing I use the more expensive real stuff.

Last night when I was in wal-mart the woman in line at the cutting counter in front of me had a bolt of grey satin that was 1.50 a yard I was about wetting my pants looking at it, I couldn't wait to ask the attendant to cut me 7-10 yards of the stuff when the woman ahead of me asked for "the rest of the bolt". Sadly that was all they had.

Hope it turns out well for you.
well, with alot of time and effort , i did it!!.....i made my own vest!!......i used teh t-shirt method and it turned out fabulous!!.....i can post pix if ya wanna see it....
Post those pics. I am a bigger guy about 6'2" about 230lbs, and would like to see what this method looks like.

ok, here they are:


opinions?.....comments??......bobafettish , dont it look better than at midohiocon?......i will also be re-painting all the armor and the current helmet will recieve massive mods......( i'll use this one untill i get my msh2) jumpsuit in the works as well....i have also gotten a fab. new cod and movie accurate knees....its lookin 100% better..

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