Armor template size?


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Hi all,
I have just started on my armor and as I have never done anything like this before I am a bit unsure about it all.
I have created a set of templates and would like to know if you all think the sizing is ok?

I am planning to make the armor using the trash can method but as I am in the UK I’m having troubles finding one that’s suitable. Anyone out there know of one in the UK that’s OK?

Thanks in advance,

hey Dexx...welcome to i think the armor is the perfect size. you did one hell of a job on the temps. i can't wait to see your final armor. but, about the size, i personally think the size is perfect. what i did, is i found a pic of Boba when i did my costume, and went to kinkos, or how ever ya spell it, and blew the pic up to life size. then, i just cut the armor peices out, and did my temps there. it turned out great. but, that looks like the correct size. good job on the temps.
Yep looks very good!! My armour is smaller than the film version cos ive got much smaller proportions, cos in the end if you make it movie sized and ur really ickle or really large then its gunna look silly, if you make it for your own size then it will look perfect!!
Yours looks good for your jumper ;) :) :lol: !!!!!
Thanks for the comments, sounds like I have got the sizing right.
I also wanted to make it clear that when I said I have created a set of templates I didn’t mean I designed them, I used some ones I found on TDH and tinkered with them to get them to the size I needed.
I think the templates were the ones by wizardofflight, so if you read this wizard thanx for making them available.
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