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I Sculpted up the chest armor tonight :) yay!!!!!!

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.







I will mold it up and make these in fiberglass and vac-form the top (silver) piece. It will be a breeze to lightly sand the fiberglass to get it more smooth. Since this piece is covered in leather, it should work pretty slick.
Wow, that looks really nice. You've got some excellent pieces you've made, MonCal. Your collection of parts grows......


We'll get this costume done one of these days ;)

I think I'll start on the hand guards next :)

Gotta get some silicone first though.
Y'know MonCal ... I'm beginning to think you're a professional Zam costume maker! ;) You're putting the rest of us (okay... maybe just me!) to shame! :D
Hey MonCal, I just finished the handplates. If you want, I could cast you a set, and save you the trouble of making them. I'll be working on finishing those gauntlets next.
MonCal AND judz dwedd......looks like we'll be coming to you in the future whenever we get around to finishing off Kimmy's Zam costume. ;)
judz dwedd said:
Ok, what do you propose?

Hmmm, I'll have to see what I have that you want :) I'll have to think a little on that one.

Do you have pics of your progress on the gauntlets and such so far?

I finished my mold of the armor and mixed some fiberglass tonight..... still loopy from the fumes ;)
Fresh out of the mold:


And trimmed:


I have to make a mold of the inner section that I can vacuum form the top piece from so it'll be a few days.... :)
Thanks guys.

The hose connector piece was made by ZamIAm. She did the whole set of greeblies and they are awesome! :)

So Judz, will you be needing some armor? ;)

I'm still working on the vacuum form molds so give me a few days and I'll have some more updates :)
Mon, it's beautiful. :) What fantastic work. :) I'm just trying to understand how your brain understood the measurements to make it life size! Woot! Maybe one day I'll be as cool as MonCal and be casting that well! ;) (y)
MonCal said:
So Judz, will you be needing some armor?


Absolutly !

What do you think about casting the gauntlets out of that flexible urethane you use for your shins? Then, they would need only one split to put them on.

Possibly. I'll give it some thought. The only time I've put a finish on that plastic is on the toe spikes. They were primered, silver misted, flat black misted, and rub n buff on top. They seem to be holding the finish fine so the gauntlets would probably be fine too. What do ya think?
I think it's worth a shot. Can you give me the name of it, so I can order some? If it doesn't work, I'll just run them in fiberglass.
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