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Hey fellow Fettsters! I've been working a bit on armor molds and wanted critique and suggestions from all the Fett experts on here. Since right now I can't afford to purchase FP's amazing armor, I'm trying to make my own as close to accurate as I can. I'm pretty much testing the best way to get the shape down good, and I'm using 2 layers of MDF glued together and shaping it with a belt sander and good ol' handsanding. I'm shooting for ESB armor with this, and I noticed in the movie the armor looks very bulbous (I think that's the right word?). Right now it's not at the right stage yet, but it's taking shape. Any suggestions on it?

And I've got a few questions as well. I don't know if it's possible, but is there any way I could somehow duplicate the right chest plate and make a left one from it without having to sand down a left mold too? I've seen on BM's website where he's making the Jango armor, and he only had the right chest piece, and did something with tape and resin to form the opposite piece symmetrically. Although I have no idea what the hell he did. :lol:

Also, you'll see an ab plate I (with someone else's help "push harder!!" (inside joke :lol: )) made out of 6mm sintra. I REALLY like the shape of it, and I'm pretty sure it matches up with the chest piece, so is there any way I could make a cast of it or something to vacform it? Or could it survive 1 initial pull to make a cast from the pull?

Thanks everyone for looking!! :cheers


Right Chest piece:






Abdomin Plate





"I am you're father!!" *Insert famous breathing sounds* :p


Yes, I have a MESSY workspace. :lol:

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Thanks RBF! :cheers

Not a big update, but since the top was still rather flat, I'm adding some bondo to get a better and more uniform curve. Also added a pic comparing the ab plate I used for my custom Mando that I'd like to use for the Fett armor. These are using WOF's awesome templates. Thanks WOF! (y)

Again, if anyone has any critisism, fire away! I don't want to get these vacformed and have everyone telling me that they don't look right. Also, if anyone could help me on the questions I posted in my first post, that would be great too! (y)




The bondo will go on smoother and hence easier to shape if you use a bondo spreader. Should be right next to the bondo. Use the wide one and you can probably get it applied in 2 smooth wipes, but very nice progress, looks good.
Jango newbie, I do have a bondo spreader, but at the time I couldn't find it, got impatient, and just used my finger. :lol: The belt sander ate away all the excess bondo anyways.

Laan, thanks bro! And I haven't forgotten that shirt. It'll DEFINATLY get done next week, or that building's going down in flames. :wacko :lol:

Am I being a little too trigger happy with the pics? If I am, just let me know. I'd just like to document the steps I'm taking so if others would like to try this, they know what I did.

And if anyone's wondering, I screwed the MDF to the table from underneath so it would stay put while I hacked at it with the belt sander.



Dude, no worries. An no you are not being trigger happy. I LOVE seeing this kind of stuff. You are off to a great start. Plus its nice to see you are going after ESB! Woo Hoo!!
I've gotta do ESB, to counter the evil of Tim's (soon to be) ROTJ. :lol:

Just a little more work to do on this piece, then it should be done. Then I'll move on to the left mold. What would be the best way to do the chestlight slots? Should I dig out shallow indents where they would be, or just draw them on and cut them out on the vac'ed piece?

I've decided to just do an MDF version of the ab plate too, so that will be the after the left plate is done. If these turn out better than I expect, then I'll probably work on the other armor pieces as well (shoulders, collar, back).

So in the coming weeks I should have a lot of progress pics to post. (y)
Got it vacformed! (y)

Went to psberetta's (Tim) house and got this baby vacformed. It looks like I'll be attempting the other pieces now, since it turned out better than I thought. The other piece pictured is a test pull of the gauntlet I'm making for my custom.

Questions, comments?


Alright, I got the test piece all trimmed out, and sprayed on a coat of Rustoleum Spruce Green. But the green looks kind of textured and "fuzzy". Can anyone help me on this? Or is this just normal for it when it's still wet? It was sanded down smooth, and cleaned so nothing is on it. I'd take a pic but the batteries died and I've searched everywhere for more. :p
I'll just take it that it's normal. The green dried okay.

I started practicing painting Fett's battle damage. I chose to go off of the ROTJ because it has more battle damage to practice with, MOM exhibit to be specific. This is my first time painting anything Fett-related, but please tell me if it needs work. Sorry that their blurry, but you get the picture. Also, not all the damage is on there, still working on it.



:cheers Gracias amigo!

I don't have a spare decal (or any decal at that :p ) so I have to handpaint the chest logo. Painting circles is not my cup of tea. :facepalm

And does my hand look kinda womanly in this pic? :lol:

:confused :confused No not womanly at all. Looks cute ;)
No no JK.

The circle looks great man. You are doing a great job.
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