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Here is what I've been working on for the last few days. Ignore the right chest piece as I did not like the paint texture and sanded it down to repaint and the temp droped again. 84 one day, 40 the next. So stuck until I can put a new coat on it. Anything you see to make whats done more accurate minus adding the black to darken some areas?

Complete view:

Right chest:

Right comparison:


Wow, it looks awesome! I can't think of anything it really needs that you're not aware of. Basically the misting, black fleks, etc... Then just beat them up a little with some scratches here and there and wham. i can't wait to see the rest of the costume.

How did you do the yellow/silver. Was is topical or reveal? And which did you do first?

I'm thinking it would be easiest to put down the yellow blob first then go in with the silver, is that how you did it?

And lastly, which colors are you using?

Very nice!
Thanks JMP. The green is Rustoleum Spruce which I pulled off of another thread. Takes two days to dry though. The yellow I painted topical first which is testors Zinc Chromate. Then the testors aluminum. I did however cheat a little to try and duplicate the effect as near to the original suit as I could. Heres how I cheated:

I made a copy of the reference CD the same size as the armor:

Then the taped it along the edge I was duplicating:

Connected the dots

And there you have it. Now its not 100% but that is what I call my artistic liberty. Which in essence is as close as I could get the thing to like it :)
Wow, nice work. I think once you start hitting the weathering and scratches it's gonna look pretty close to perfect! Way to go and great pics!
Lookin' sweet Vern!

That's the same route I've been taking with weathering my stuff. Great minds think alike! :)
:eek: That's some awesome armor! :eek:
The weathering looks great. I like your method for doing the weathering. :D
All it needs is the scratches and I think it will look almost perfect.
Can't wait to see the rest of it finished. :)
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Wow, that's an excellent idea for the weathering!

I've been using spruce as well, so that's encouraging :) What color is your helmet? I'm hoping the spruce will go well with the new movie-accurate helmet color. Once I darken it with some black it should.

Very well done, thanks for the pics,

Wow. I'm impressed. I second Jaster's comment. Constructive criticism: Maybe a little more texture. The real one has texture. Yours is very sanded. Possibly you could give it a little more texture... Just my 0.02 USD
Wow, that is an awesome set of armor:love
True it may need a little more weathering. . .
. . .but it's missing something else. . . I just can't put my finger on it;):D

Max: thanks man. I'm still trying to figure the best way to go about the scratches. I've read in the past about one of the members taking it to his basement floor. May try that.

Ego: Great minds do think alike. However, mine was born out of desperation as I can't visually repro something like some of the talented people on this board.

BH185: Your to kind. Won't be able to update for a few weeks. The damn weather turned cold again. I want to do the scratches all at the same time so it looks consistent and I'm stuck at the repaint on the left chest piece.

Jaster: Thanks Dude. I can definitely see the faint light at the end of the tunnel.

JMP: Haven't gotten to painting the Bucket. Ill probably get the ears attached this weekend and do the final sand. I've been looking for the new paint but have yet to find it. I'm doing the special edition Boba.

Pac/Vash: Yep, more weathering. Just so hard to tear into it.

Micke/Seeker: Thanks.
Great GugaMuga! That is one sweet set of armor. I love your yellow color and your idea for weathering. I may just have to try that myself. Keep it up man.
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