Armor Pics - My first paint job


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Ok, I'm not trying for super accuracy on these pieces, but what do I need to "weather" them more?


Diamond Not Pictured - I had to remake the diamond. The one that came with my set had a crooked square in the center.


The breast piece was the piece I painted first. It has too much yellow showing around the scratches. I didn't realize it would be so wide when I began taping it off.

What else needs to be done? I'm going ESB with the suit.
They look pretty good as is. We like how you did the blast marks in the armor. :D
All you need is the decals and cut the chest slots out, and that will be a nice set of armor.

As for weathering, maybe a bit more silver or a few scratches. It's hard to tell from the pics but you may also want to put the speckled black paint on the armor. It might be there but we can't tell.
Keep up the Great work. :)
I was looking at someone else's armor awhile back, and it looked as though they had taken a lighter green and went over a few places on top of the dark green.

I don't have any black splattering on it yet. I was kinds waiting till I had it weathered some more before adding any black.

Is there a particular art to adding additional colors to it? I don't have any air brush and these are just "factory" spray paint colors.
looks pretty good so far bud! Your base green looks a tad on the dark side for ESB, but it's always difficult to tell w/ pics, (as opposed to how it looks in person that is) I've found that a misting of grey w/ an air-brush really tones & dulls darker greens, and adds to the apperance of a weathered part. I know you don't have an airbrush, but if you're really serious about fettin, it may be a wise investment. You don't have to get a spendy one, a cheapie from walmart will be more than adequate for all your fett needs. comes w/ everything youll need to create some cool effects on your props for around $30. Also, check out Rouge studio's thread in the Helmet section on colors. I havent tried this yet, but hes got some cool ideas about using Black acrylic & washer fluid washes for the bucket. Might be able to use grey instead of black w/ this technique??? Hope that gives ya some direction,:)
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