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I wanted to start a thread for those of us that have the new reinone Jango boots and need to hook up the armor plate. My plate for my old set of shoes is too large for the boots and needs to be trimmed to a better size. Does anyone have a better set of measurements that I can go by? How is everyone going to attach the armor? Velcro? Snaps? combination? Anyone have detailed pics?
Yeah, I need to get out my old boot armor and see how it looks. I am sure I will need new armor. I intend to rivet mine this time. Snaps keep getting knocked off when I walk so rivets, or even chicago screws would work too!
I have already finished my shoe armor. I just need to take some shots. If anyone is interested in a set let me know.

...Hey Seeker...I would be most interetsed in a pic of how your elves attached the shoe armor :D

...I got a set from JD and I am at that stage of what to do next with them...

...thx dude!!!...

...funny thing is I did that w/my RF earpiece and did not even think of doing that with the armor...called working w/blinds...appreciate the help :D

Take care
Here's some pics of my finished shoe armor. Just need to R&B

<image src=>

<image src=>

<image src=>

<image src=>

<image src=>

Foxbatkllr wrote:

How do you get the sintra to bend so complex like that?

I created a mold out of bondo. I shaped it as per all the pics i have of the shoe armor, then made an exact bend. Now I just heat the sintra then slap it on top.
what are you using to cut the sintra with? your edges look so smooth and neat. i tried using a band saw for mine and it doesnt come out so well. also your mold was it a found item you used or did you dump some bondo and let it dry then start sanding it to look right? for some odd reason i am finding the shoe armor a bit harder before for this new boot. it was easy the first time with my bed stus but not now.

Just a regular box cutter blade and i used two pvc pipes and stuck them together then slap some bondo then started sanding for life until i was happy with the shape. lots of dust. :D
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