Are there any alternative to fiberglass on a cardboard helmet?


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Evening Yall-

I am looking to strengthen up my cardboard helmet, but I do not want to fiberglass. I live in an apartment and the bondo smelled for a long time and the wife would not be happy if I stunk the apartment up after the fiberglass.

I used modge podge on the ears before using primer and that seemed to work pretty well, but since the helmet will be handled much more I was looking for a material to provide some strength to the cardboard. Looking for a material I could paint or spray on.

Has anyone used spray on truck liner?

Well I guess that is all for now!

Thanks in advance.


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If there are no holes in the helmet, you could use something like Smooth On 65D. The trial size should work. Just do small layers.


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Good call Asok. That's a urethane resin, as opposed to the polyester stuff used for fiberglassing. It's much less toxic and has a significantly less potent odor. The 65D would be ideal for your purposes as you'd be slush casting it into your helmet and it will cure slower. Smooth-on has lots of tutorials for stuff like this, so if any of the above doesn't make sense, go ahead and look through some casting tutorials.


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I watched a few videos that showed the slush casting and it seems like the way to go. Has anyone used the smooth-cast on the outside of the helmet? would you just paint it on?