Anyone Have Dye Recipe for ESB Gloves



I'm going to try my hand (pardon the pun) at making my own gloves. I have what I think is a pretty decent base glove, but, it's white cotton. Just wondering if anyone has any recipe's (or starting points) for what colour to dye the ESB gloves?



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My opinion... a really heavy dose of GRAY dye. Check old threads to see for yourself. If not, just spend a little bit of money and get S1's gloves. I'm not sure about his colors, but I know they're really accurate.



Yup, S1's gloves are great! I think the color used for the dye was 'Medium Gray'. If you are going to dye it just go slow and dye it a little at a time. It's easier to darken it if it needs it than to lighten it if it's too dark.
Post pics of your progress! ;)

Boba Freekk

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i know this is a old thread but im going to attempt making my own ESB gloves very soon.does RIT make "meduim grey"? i have read where some have used "pearl grey" for thier gloves but im not sure if that for pulling my hair out trying to decide what color to choose :facepalm


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I used Rit Pearl Grey for my gloves. If you leave them in the solution long enough, the grey will be just right.

I bought three pairs of white cotton military parade gloves (at $5 a pair, they were pretty cheap!). I used a large pot of boiling water on the stove, and half a bag of the dye (along with the recommended salt and detergent, to soften the water).

My first pair was too dark, so I emptied the pot a little and added fresh water, without adding any more dye. I had better results the second time, and dyed my third pair as well.

Remember to let them dry COMPLETELY before making a color judgement- wet gloves always look darker.