Anyone have a vest pattern to post?

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Originally posted by WebChief:

Does anyone here have a vest pattern that they could post on the site for reference? Maybe you could email it out to me or post it as an image file on the board.


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Originally posted by chrima:

Yeah, I need one too.


Also, anybody find a good material to use. In looking at my Chronicles book, it almost appears to by vinly or vinly coated. Has sort of a shine to it.
Originally posted by MaxPlague:

I've heard that you can just turn satin inside out for the vest material. I think that was LisaFett that mentioned that?

I've been eyeing some satin in the fabric store (the store employees must think I'm looney by now). The color was "Platinum," I think I will get some of that. Still need to figure out what to pad it with.

As for a pattern, I'll probably make my own and I'll post it when I do. In the meantime, I did see a pattern on a Jango board. Here's the group's URL:

Look in the files section for patterns and all kinds of useful things.

Right now I'm concentrating on making the flightsuit. That's what I'm having a tough time finding fabric for. I'm looking for something in cotton or denim with just the right thickness. Other options thus far include broadcloth, poplin, chambray, gabardine or twill. Man, I never thought I'd need to know so much about fabric! :p I'm still trying to learn as I go.

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Originally posted by mcabrera1275:

I agree WebChief.. I too want a realistic pattern that I can print out and cut. Richie's Armor used to sell patterns but Richie told me he no longer sells them. =( Does anyone out there have the RA armor pattern?


Migrate wrote:

Originally posted by mcabrera1275:

I agree WebChief.. I too want a realistic pattern that I can print out and cut. Richie's Armor used to sell patterns but Richie told me he no longer sells them. =( Does anyone out there have the RA armor pattern?

This is an old post, but I need to know who (if anyone) has this pattern ASAP!!!. I'm in the process of making the vest plus making the decision of the jumpsuit which is a hard one to make.(Dickies' or Red Kap).

I found an actual flak vest at an army surplus store, and it is a pretty good size...the only thing is, is that it velcros on the side, but I am gonna sew that up, and put a zipper in the back...I also had to sew extensions on the shoulders for the shoulder pads to sit on...the color isn't bad either, its a light grey, not shiny, but its I can take the kevlar out of the vest too! but it makes for the padding in the vest!
If anyone can post or email me the vest pics as a ref. i can use that to start making a templates for the vest.

Ill get the templates made and sent to my seamstress to make a vest for all to see the final result.

uk-scout[image noborder][/image]
[image noborder][/image]
sithlord23: About the flak vest you're talking about (remember, I'm in the ARMY), it's probably the one is called CVC light armor vest (Combat Vehicle Crewmember), it's the one that some of the tank and heavy military vehicle drivers use instead of the heavy and bulky one that they use by infantry units. Guys, take a look on CNN and you'll notice about the flak vest you're talking about, there you have the pics. And yes, it has velcro accross the front of the vest. That's a nice vest, buy it's shorter in the front than the back, which is supposed to be the opposite, and it's open in the sides, which probably you want to REALLY customize and make MODS to it...and the color is ARMY GREEN.

ukscout: Thanks and appreciate your help. Just let's wait until someone comes up with the pattern.

One last note, I talked to RA and he no longer sells vest patterns, so let's see what happens.

yeah Darth Vader 1, that sounds pretty right on, but the velcro fastens to the back side of the vest from the are right about it bein lighter weight, and a little shorter which helps for being able to sit down...and the original color was army green, mine is older and just really faded(almost grey) but I colored it more grey...I am gonna get some pics up soon, to show my suit and the vest...I just need to figure out how to put them up...I'm still learnin:D, again I'm amazed at the knowledge on this site...that someone knew about the vest for example, right on!:D
For my vest, I just took a T-Shirt that fit me properly over my jump suit and then cut the sleaves to the right size for sholder pauldrons. and then cut the t-shirt apart and used that as a template. Heck, I actually sewed the fabric to the t-shirt. Worked great and fits me just right.

Who needs a template just get an old T-shirt.
That sounds like a good idea, still you have to look for a T-shirt big enough to go over the jumpsuit, and to do a lot of mods to it. After all...good idea! :)(y)

Raven, thanks for the link...I went to the website a couple of times, but now I found out the way to do it...just look for the cheerleader pattern and you won't be wrong. (I didn't look at it, cause sometimes my browser gets crazy, and was impossible sometimes to look at the website...sometimes it shows like lines instead of letters and pics.

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