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Hey gang. I have almost finished my pack. It is an MLC1, and it has been a total pain in the arse to paint! I have been working on it for about 2 months. I really kicked it into overdrive for the past 2-3 days. I spent several hours just applying the black. I used a combo of acrylic wash, and straight acrylic paint. I painted all of the silver scratches before I applied all of my weathering. I went back over about 2/3's of them to brighten them up a little. I still need to paint the black ring around the bottom of the rocket, and weather it a little more. I also have to add some scratches to the top of the center tank by and on the black ring. The flash really makes it brighter than it is. I will get a better photo of it outside tonight. Once again, please don't be afraid to be harsh on what you see. I need honest input on how things look.




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Very nice looking pack Jon. (y)

One quick addition you can put on your pack is a "Magic Slider" on the bottom of the two side tanks. It's a quick fix, and will give you that extra white area that was missing from the MLC1. Paint the magic sliders white and glue them to the bottom of the tanks.

Here's a couple pics from my pack:



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Buckeye_01 said:
Thanks guys. I looked for those magic sliders and can't find them. I even tried ebay. Any idea where I can get a set?
Home Depot or Lowes, in the hardware section with the felt pads and furniture leg caps. They should have them at Walmart, K-Mart or Target, but I always see them at HD.