Another Fett with the fever


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First I have to ask, where was this site 10 years ago?! :p That's when I put Fettv.1 together. Boy, it was horrible. Fettv.2 was a vast improvement, but it wasn't until I had an internet connection and discovered the word 'Sintra' that I had a Fett to be proud of, being Fettv.3. Now I am on Fettv.4 and thanks to THD, which I just discovered a couple days ago, the twitch is coming back. I know you all understand the twitch. ;) There are several things I want to improve upon, *cough*gauntlets*cough*, and TDH is going to be paramount in assisting me accomplish my goal of having a Fett costume that Star Wars fans would mistake for being stolen from Skywalker Ranch. :p

Anyway, greetings! I am pleased to make your acquaintance!



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Hi Fishonabike,
Yes, I'm familiar with the twitch! :lol:
Fortunately, I found TDH before starting on my Boba journey. The people here have been a tremendous resource.