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Where do you attach this thing to the right gauntlet?


I know the basic location, but shouldn't it be over the opening where you would normally join the two halves of the gauntlet? If you are gonna use say velcro to attach the two halves, then what do you do about this? Please help.

I epoxied mine over the seam where the top and bottom pieces meet, but I only glued the top half. That and a little bondo should hold it.
ok. So, placed it midway between the seam, but only glued the top half? That's what I figured would have to be done. Thanks!
Dude, where do you get these picturs? They are so great!
I have never seen a gauntlet like that. Is it yours?
They are from his awesome reference CD that you can still sign up for ;)
drvfett, I can only wish those were my gauntlets. The reason they look SO awesome is because they are the real thing!!! The above pic is one of almost 500 pictures I took of the REAL Fett costume at teh Magic of the Myth Exhibit. Like Jaster said, you can get the above pic (which has been scaled down to 33% of the original size) along with many, MANY other if you sign up for the Ref CD!

Here is a sample of what the full sized pic looks like:

Great pic Braks. Out of all my research, I never have seen many pics of that particular gauntlet. I had no idea it had that little tube inside it, or under it. By the way, does the original right one not open at all? It looks seamless.

It opens on the inside, like the left one. They are constructed like a clam shell with the opening facing the inside.
Although this gauntlet was the one at MotM, it is way different from any movie still or promo pic that I have ever seen. I think that this "modified" version was made for the exhibit, not by ILM. This one looks more like what you would expect a fibercord whip launcher to look like, but it is not what I saw in ROTJ.
BobaFettish, I couldn't disagree more. The gauntlet pictured above (from MoM) as well as the one from the AoSW are EXACTLY like the gauntlet(s) seen in RotJ!

RotJ movie stills and promos:


AoSW and MoM Gauntlets:


Other than minor paint differences the exhibit gauntlets look EXACTLY the same as gauntlets seen in the pics above. If you have pics that prove otherwise, please post them or send them to me.
Hmmmmmm, Brak's. I don't know. It is hard to tell because you don't really see the underside of the right gauntlet in the film. I (personally) don't recall ever seeing the 'external pipe piece' on the underside of the whipcord launcher. Then again, the closest I have ever been to the MotM exhibit is viewing your pics on the ref CD. I'm just going by the movie. Hey, I've been wrong before.
What's the best thing to use to make the darts on the right gauntlet? I've heard of the ballpoint pen tips, but isn't there something more accurate? Thanks.
Not trying to be ugly or start a flame but your logic isn't holding together very well.

First you said that "you don't really see the underside of the right gauntlet in the film."

Then you said you "don't recall ever seeing the 'external pipe piece' on the underside of the whipcord launcher."

Finally you said you were "just going by the movie."

If you were going by the movie and you can't really see the underside of the right gauntlet (where the external tube is located) then of course you wouldn't recall seeing the "external pipe piece."

I think if you will look again at the pics I posted from the film you will see that the third hose attaches to a fitting that is below the whipcord launcher housing, exactly in the same place as it is seen on the MoM gauntlets. Also, if you look at the rest of the gauntlet which IS clearly seen in the movie stills and promos I think you will see that all the other parts match up. Also the external pipe is present on both the MoM and AoSW gauntlets.

Again, I am NOT trying to bash you. I just don't want any myths started from this without PROOF!
If you can post the picture of Boba Fett ROTJ SE behind the scenes #03 from your CD you will put this to rest. You can clearly see the tube in that picture.
Thanks Ruffkintoy. I skipped over the SE pics because I generally don't care for anything that came from the SE but in this case I missed a good pic. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I knew making those Ref CDs would benefit me sooner or later. Here it is:

And the winner is...Brak's Buddy! :) I had no doubt that you were correct Brak's, I was simply saying that I (key word here) didn't recall seeing the bottom of the fibercord whip launcher in the film. But after searching thourgh my (awesome) reference CD, I too stumbled across the ANH SE picture. I guess now I need to go back and modify my right gauntlet with the external pipe. Any suggestions Brak's?
This is totally speculative on my part but I think copper tubing would work great for this piece as it runs right into the hose fittings. Whatever you choose it will have to be very sturdy as the hose will exert a LOT of pressure on that piece.

As far as what you can see in the Ref pics from MoM, the tube appears to have fairly thick walls, too thick to be metal in my opinion, and they appear to be filled with resin. Mayeb this was to make them more sturdy or it is possible, however unlikely, that they were cast pieces...
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