Ammo belt....pouch look ok???


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Hi, sorry to bother you great people again, but just made my first little pouch for mi ammo you think it looks ok? It aint finnished yet so...looks a bit messy!! :lol:

Thanks Z


Funtional how?? Im going to put some sort of supporting thing in the pouches, i was just worried that they were too big or not right.
I tried using a pattern from someone, but it wasnt right so i made a new one...i did textiles at school so im quite qualified!!;)
There are 8 in total arent there??? (around the belt?))

Functional in the sense that you can keep stuff in them :) ...

Return of the jedi Boba Fett has eight and empire strikes back Boba Fett has seven ( I think )... (y)
Rather that wood, some stuff that I found that I use to pad mine out with is some packing used to support a computer in a box.
It's blue in colour and is somewhere between the "consistancy" of foam rubber and polystyrene foam.
It's lightweight, holds it's shape VERY well and cuts with a craft knife like a knife through hot butter.
I will be adding some sort of supporting thing (not quite sure what) in them, mb just some cardboard, I dont want them to be very heavy.....

I've made 3 slowly getting there,...though they are all made different....but to be honest...i think it makes it look like Boba made them himself...... ;)

I might make one or 2 functional (the best ones anyway) they can keep my beer money in at uni!!! :cheers :D
Here's a picture of the my costume (so far) with the ammo belts. All of mine are functional, and I'm actually glad I made them this way as they were handy to stick things in (such as my keys and such) since I had no where else to stick them. Amazingly enough, my cell phone fit in them perfectly also. If you want a template for these, I could make one up real quick.

If you want a closer up, sent me a PM and I'll send you one.
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