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Hi im pretty new to this and im making my boba fett armomr and its okay and all but its not as good as all of yours. Everyone on this site ha amazing talent for makin costumes which i do not. No matter how hard i try it doesnt look half as good as all of your guys. once im finished ill send a pic in of my costume but its not that good. I applaud all of you you guys are great.
Hi Shade!

Welcome to TDH! Let me first say this: You're making this costume for yourself, right? Then don't worry what ANYONE else thinks! If you get enjoyment from making your suit, then you have accomplished you goal. Do NOT let anyone's opinion or example hinder your achievement. It's great to get feedback from others, especially positive. Your costume needs only to measure up to your standards. There are some folks who build suits out of cardboard and paper! And that's perfectly fine, becuase that was what they wanted to do. Please use all the resources here to get whatever supplies, materials or levels of detail that you need. That is why we are all here. Never, but NEVER get discouraged by someone else's work. There is some terific work posted here, and lots of people (myself included) who will help you in what ways we can! So have at it, and post pics of your progress so you can SHOW OFF your work!

dude! dont dish yourself!
we all got our own tweaks to the suit and thingies we are not happy with.
one is not here to JUDGE anyones costume!

only to aplaud to the creativity used and looking at it as an individual piece of art!

you can ask for tips and constructive critisisme, but all you recive without asking are compliments and nice words from us here at TDH!! :cheers
i cant find tinted face shields any where. I cant find them any where its anoyingme. If any body can tell me where to get them that would be great. i checked so many places.
shade_99 said:
i cant find tinted face shields any where. I cant find them any where its anoyingme. If any body can tell me where to get them that would be great. i checked so many places.
Green or Black?
Aha! I can help already! I'm going with the ESB style, so I went with a dark green welder's faceshield from, I believe the model is 4118DRK Dark green. At 3.65 you can't go wrong! You can double check on the part number. Another good source for dark blaack, if yo're going the ROTJ route is He has great faceshields custom made to fit most every helnet, and he is highly reputable.

Happy hunting!

I used a dremel to cut mine, its a shade 5 so scissors would not cut it. If you go with a shade 4, scissors will work.
Just my two cents.........

Welcome aboard Shade. :)

I also recomend a Dremel. 1001 uses just like duct tape. ;)

Cut out my first visor the hard way and the second with a dremel. Lot easier and faster.

piece of plexi glas, saw it in the right form, then bend it in the right form and black spray some tamiya black from a distance, will work like sunglasses :)
i know i said this already but no matter wht i do to try and make it as accrate as possiable and for it to look great nothing works. i dont think im ever going to be as good as u guys i suck my costume looks like crap. it dosent ever look the same as in the photos or ever as good as yours.
Its yours and thats all that matters!;)
Pratice makes perfect....
Even Seeker who has a Jango suit that looks like it came off the set of ATOC's, isn't always satisfied with his gear and is continually upgrading parts to his satisfaction.:lol:
Its the original SW passion for Fett and determination/patience thats gets there in the end...(y)

Chin up and keep on keeping on...(y)

and also i cant find anything for the rocket for my jet pack its so hard to find a piece that shape
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can anybody tell me how to make or get something in the shape of the rocket? And also i want to know where to get gray gloves and that look like the ESB boba but i cant order aything more for a while so is there any where in stores where i caan get these stuff?
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