alternate comic-based jet packs?


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alternate comic-based jetpacks?

Do you guys know of any different jet packs that are pictured in the comics? Does Jodo Kast have a different jet pack? How about some different ones in "The Sith War" comic?

I'm looking for options for my kid's Fett costume since I've been told by two separate people that wearing the regular, missile jet pack in a huge Halloween crowd like 6th street, especially on a little kid, the crowds will tear up the missile and exhaust things before the night is over. A friend of ours who's going as a jedi said that he'll immediately fire up his lightsaber and slash off the arm of anyone who tries something like that, but that sounds like a night in the patrol car waiting to happen ;)

My son said that he didn't care if it wasn't the regular one, but he wanted it to be something that was accurate. And he doesn't like Jango's jet pack, so I'm grasping at straws at this point, hoping that one of the comics shows a jet pack that's a little more consolidated with fewer projections.

Any suggestions???
Depends how strong your pack is. My scratch-built pack has survived 2 Halloweens on 6th St. and a few cons. But at just under 10lbs, it might stunt your kid's growth. I don't know of any alternate packs other than Jango, but most people don't know/ don't care. I say go with out, or take Lisafett's plans and make one out of styrofoam and paper mache. They're light and can take a beating. BTW After 2 years as Fett on 6th, I really don't think going there is worth the risk to your body/ suit.

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A looooong time ago, not in a galaxy far, far away, but like 4 years ago and in San Diego, when I was between jet packs and had to go to a convention, I whipped up a "flamethrower" type jet pack. It was small and easy to maneuver. I just took two plastic tanks, drilled holes in the ends, glued in some tubing, glued the tubing to some modified squirt guns, and painted everything. I put some watered down coke in the canisters for "flammable fluid". I can only find a picture of the front gun thingy now. The back was really just two clear canisters with fluid inside, and the "fuel tubes" running out the bottom of them and into my gun. I found them at some dollar store for about $2 each. They already had clips around them so that they could be strapped on. They were some sort of defunct exercise thing, and were designed to be filled with water or sand. I think the whole thing took a few hours to put together, and cost under $10.

Yes, I did forget my shoulder bells. :(

Or, you could always try this: :)
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Ah, if only one of the family pets wanted this costume instead of my son! There'd be much less complaining about accuracy! ;)

But I'm the one that got him hooked on Star Wars, so I've created my own monster, so to speak!
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I do have pictures of several concept art backpacks, but I can't share them. I am not sure if/how widely they have been published. If someone else is sure about having seen them before, and can describe them a little, I might be able to post them. Otherwise, sorry. I have plans to make at least one of them, but I will never be able to publish my reference photos.
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I think we're going to go ahead and build an accurate one. That's what he's set on, and the more I got to thinking about it, if you spend this much time and energy putting together a costume like this, you might as well go whole hog with it and do it screen accurate, ya know?

As for Ryan, were you at Sixth Street this past October with a girl dressed like Aurra Sing? If so, I think we saw you!
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