All Boba Fett Helmet Stencils and Templates

Are you able to share you files of the correct sizing?
So I used Rafael’s ESB stencils. Both back panels are sized differently. The right is at 98% and the left was at 96%. That is my Helmet a WastedFett ESB FPH2 Helmet. The lower cheeks are sized differently too the left was 86% and right was 88%. Dome stencils 88%. I started at 100% and changed the percentage so that that stencil would fit in the work area plus sizing damage to reference photos. It was a lot of trial and error. The percentages I used might not work for other Helmets out there. Always double check. I haven’t sized the upper cheeks and mandibles yet.
Thanks Greg! That will help as a starting point. I’m receiving the same bucket shortly so, hopefully that will limit the trial and error process a bit.
Just play with the % on sizing. The back panels were the toughest. There is a thread from the Builder on how he does the back panels. Basically get the stencil to fit in the work area and he made some cuts on the stencil. If it not exact but the damage is correct to reference photos you can shift it to fit as well.