All aluminum westar blasters interest

It seems making this project worth while we would have to make at least 150 pairs:facepalmas much as i would love to do this I don't think we could scrounge up that kind of quantity.I may even be able to have them made overseas but again the order quantity is a problem.we'll keep this going for awhile yet and see what happens:cheers
Im down. aluminium = (y)

MR $ = :eek:

so somewhere inbetween would be nice.

But im down:cheers
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I know a way to keep prices down. I am a droid builder as well and alot of the droid parts are farmed out to it is a site where you submit your plans and people around the world will bid on your plans and give you a quote. That might be an avenue?
I hope it is not to late, but I would love a pair. I know, I'm the new guy and a tad bit late. But! if there is room then please place me on that list.
Thanks at ton
Color me EXTREMELY interested. I would like to know more such as price and a pic of them. But yes looking for something since MRs have shot up so high in price.
I'm interested pending price. I'd love to not have to drop $500 for the MR's, so if it could be around $250 or even less, that would be awesome. But I'll wait until a good price estimate comes in and go from there.
sorry for no update.trying to juggle family,work and finishing my jango for a con coming up soon here.i did talk to another offshore manufacturer and he wouldn't even touch 300 pieces.if anyone one this board could give me a cad program my relative could get a definate price and the qty would be alot lower.besides what's really holding me up is that i don't have a good sample of the components to show my relative for the cnc guy.....

I'm pretty sure that Wizardofflight has the Westars plotted out in CAD, but I could be wrong.

I do know that he posted up decent enough drawings that I'm going to use those in an attempt to make my own out of PVC, wood and brass tubing.

Here's the thread with the drawings, scroll down to post #5. ;)

Westar 34 schematic

When printing it out, I used 8.5" x 11" paper, then doubled the size on a photocopier. It'll just fit on 8.5" x 14" paper. ( just make sure that the barrel is 2.5cm in diameter.
I'm in only if I can get spare parts. I just need the grips and trigger sections, as my barrels are machined and the rest is resin.
Besides what's really holding me up is that I don't have a good sample of the components to show my relative for the cnc guy.....


Reveal1vader, I've got some good pics of an aluminum Westar that's been dissasembled. I don't recall where I found it, but I came accross it during one my many Google searches for reference pics. I can e-mail or PM them to you, if you think that they'd be helpful. let me know.
Maybe it has been done already, but just my thought. Has anyone asked Alan to use his drawings? Using them for personal use is one thing, a run is different. I know nobody is here to make a profit. But to be technical about it, you will be copying his work if you do use it. If you have not received permission, I would certainly ask.
I asked when I was trying to get a flame thrower for ESB made. I used his drawing after he said ok. All he wanted in return was one made for him too. Well worth it.
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