Alclad II Paint Review for Fett Helmet

So I have a M_S_1 incoming to me and I decided I am going to try to use some Alclad II metal type paints on it. I have wanted to try these paints for a while but to be honest they seemed difficult to use and I did not want to screw up a project by hosing the paint job.

I really think these paints will be the perfect base coat for my helmet, so I bought some Chrome Alclad and Gloss Black Base to use. I have never used these paints but had heard some great things about them. I decided to experiment on an extra Captain Cardboard T-65 X-Wing engine intake that I had lying around.

I have allot of spare parts to this model so I figured I would try it out. The intake had no surface prep work, except for cleaning, done on it prior to my putting down the base coat of glossy black.

The glossy black base went on super smooth and dries really quickly. I let about 30 minutes pass between the two coats of base I gave it.

After the base coat was applied, I let the base dry for about two hours. watched Return of the Jedi with my son

Once Jedi was over I took the intake out to my garage. You need plenty of ventilation when using this stuff. I then shook the bottle of Alclad Chrome and poured about half a cups worth of paint into my passche VL pro silver paint cup.

I then sprayed the intake once from every direction and then spot sprayed some spots that were not quite done. The results were amazing. Within seconds the piece was dry and the intake was a nice SHINY chrome. The paints dry so fast that I could easily have started masking over them if I had wanted.

I figured they would be difficult to use, but Alclad paints are very simple to use and I highly recommend them. The mythos surrounding these paints is intimidating but the paints are no more difficult than any others. So if you didnt know the existed or were afraid to try em out like me. Give em a try if the application warrants them.

I now wish I had surface prepped the piece to see how nice I could make the finish, but while this stuff is not expensive, it is also not a 3 dollar bottle of Polly scale either.

The chrome is a little too shiny, so I am going to use the polished alluminum they offer on my helm. This place is such a great resource I wanted to share with the class.

Here are some pics of how it turned out.




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As long as you don't get prints on the base coat, you are golden. The chrome dries REALLY fast. I was touching it within a minute after painting and it was dry and no prints were transferred. Great stuff.

You can also clear coat it with future floor polish to protect the finish. I used this on my Jango helmet with excellent results. You can airbrush it on straight from the bottle & it dries crystal clear without dulling the finish. Take a look under BKBT helmet thread for pics.
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