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OK, I'm not sure if this is the best place for this, but I couldn't think where else. So here goes...
I was wondering, has anyone out there been brave/foolish enough to wear your armor at or through an airport since 9-11? Not just mando mind you, but any star wars(storm troopers, imperial/senate guards, ext.) or other sci-fi military hardware.
Did securty hold you up or ask you to remove it? Or did they compliment your work? Any 'No really there I was...' tales/stories welcome. Thank you.


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umm....i do believe it you were to do that, you would probably be shot. I have known people who have carried their helmet through the airport with them, and have been stopped by admirers, but never the whole costume
that would probably be a bad idea


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"Please stow your tray tables and blasters in the upright position, emergancy blasters and lightsabers are located here, here and here. And in the case of a crash landing please refrain from disintergrating the pilot on your way out"

Can I ask why anyone would want to wear their armour at an airport or on a flight?

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How uncomfortable would that be? That'd be my worst day ever. I don't do planes nor heights above about 30 feet, let alone inside a hot and very uncomfortable (in the sitting position especially I'd imagine!) set of armor at 30,000 feet! I'd have to be sedated big time to keep me from doing the sensible thing, which is not climb into the big beer can with jet engines on the wings! :lol:

I assume that you'd generally carry your armor in some kind of armored case that will protect your kit, and is also able to be locked up tight. Any suggestions for something like that? I already have a case that was used to protect the warheads of Tomahawk missiles while it's in storage or transit. I think my helmet may fit in it just fine and it's definitely not going to get banged up at all no matter what. Probably to big to fly (about 20" by 30" tall) but that's not gonna be a problem for me. If I can't drive there, I'm not goin...:lol:



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Badlands Garrison actually had an event at the Calgary Airport, though we were in an corporate hangar, not the terminal.
It was an event called "For the Love of Children." It was a christmas event for underpriviledged and sick kids. They got their pictures taken with Santa and us troopers, there was a dance team there who also got a few of us people in plastic to dance, and then everyone got plane rides in a 20 minute loop around the city. Afterwards, we had a buffet lunch. We geared down for the plane ride and lunch though.
"The pilot and co-pilot are sick and we need soemone to fly the plane..... YOU" ::points to rebel pilot:: "and YOU" ::points to imperial pilot:: "you two look like you can fly this thing!" ::poth aproch cockpit:: "Hey reb, just remmeber we don't have sheilds!" "Hey imp, just remmber we want to live through this one"