Acetone for cleaning?


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I just glued in my visor to a new helmet, using this Welding stuff. It says soluble in a bunch of stuff, like acetone and gas. Could I clean the visor (which has a little of the glue seaping out from the mandable) with acetone? If so, how?
I would be very careful using acetone on anything. You would want to test it on some scrap first because it could etch your visor or worse, even eat at your helmet if it is vinyl. A fiberglass helmet would be OK but if it is already painted it will strip the paint off. Depending on the adhesive, I would try using a little methyl hydrate to clean up the glue.
Where do you find this Methyl Hydrate? I will try to find some. Has anyone ever had to clean up glue from around the visor?
Well I'm glad I asked! I would ave felt prtty bad wiping on some of this stuff and having it eat through my friend's bucket. I love this place..
You can find methyl hydrat at Home Depot or a paint store should carry it. You can even find in in the camping goods as some stoves run off this. I have found methyl hydrate to be the best thing to get hotmelt glue to release after it has set.
Now that I think of it, I think there is this stuff called GOOF OFF that is supposed to be excellent for cleaning off residue left by stickers etc. If you can find this, it might be just the stuff you are looking for.
Try mineral spirits(paint thinner) or naptha(lighter fluid). Both are relatively mild solvents. Acetone or laquer thinner will definately attack acrylic based plastics. If you used some form of activated adhesive, you may be out of luck.
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