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My friends of this great message board.

Many moons ago I have done a Jango suit. This suit was designed in such a way so that it could fit anyone. Mainly someone of a bigger frame.

Now we have great prop people who analyze this to a Tee. I Have always admired the pioneers who have not bought from prop dealer and came up with their own methods of completing their suits.

A good example is Lisa Fetts Tutorial for a jett pack. That idea was inspirational to me but I thought there can be more thourough research on this.

So everytime I daydream or go into a junkyard, I ask myself - - - -

Does this shape mimic a Fett Object? So you see my friends, i am trying to develope a way were an accurate Jango Fett suit can be made that is just as good as what you would get from a prop dealer.

Perhaps anyone on this board can help out or contribute with pictures.

I have found objects such as Vinegar & orange juice bottles that closley match the knee peices and bottom part of the missle.

Tell me what you think. I am trying to make this look just as professional as opposed to "Scratch made"




Good work, I think those could be used effectively. You have not only a good sense of smell, but keen vision as well. (Oops, it even rhymes on accident).

Hmmm, not totally accurate but if you are trying to do something completely from found parts, then I say go for it!

My princess.

It is a true honor that you - - - -yourself has responded to this post. For you see. The Sniffer himself is humbled by thy presence.

Thank you for your input.

The Sniffer has left this forum very satisfied;)
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