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You probably are tired of seeing noobs come onto the boards and asking a lot of questions (and trust me, you might be seeing me ask a lot of them).
But when searching for a holloween costume this year it dawned on me that there was nothing interesting at the costume shop, until it caught my eye... a jango fett mask. The thought rushed to my mind was "only if there was a boba fett mask there instead". So i went home and thought to myself "what if i made a boba fett costume for next year."
After walking around the house and talking to friends i made up my mind... I would be Boba Fett next year! Heck one of my friends thought it was such a cool idea, he said he would be Jango Fett, and would pay me for the cost of his costume and pay for part of the cost of mine.
I have always thought that the Fett man was the coolest character in the movies and if i was going to be him for Holloween I would have to go full force and not half-way try. I have been researching many sites for the past week and only came across this site in the last couple of days.
So now that i have bored you all, now here is the begining of my barage of questions that i have....

First, i have decided to work on the boba fett costume first because #1 it is mine, and #2 the Jango Fett costume will need "less attention to detail and weathering" because in the movie it looked relatively new.

Obviously, the helm is one of the most important parts, should i get it from ebay or should i just go down to the costume shop that had the jango helm? They had it priced at i think $50 USA.
I have decided that I am going to do the costume using ESB shots as refrence shots, does anyone have any good ideas on achieving likeness and/or links to sites or past posts that can help me when it comes to paint types/colors and techniques to achieve scrathing and battle wear? (i saw the mustard tutorial and looks intreguing)

This is all i can think of for right now. I think i am goin to go down to the costume shop and get a price quote on a Fett bucket just for reference :) (i hear they are pretty good at searching for stuff at the lowest possible price for good quality).

It is nice to see there is a good databank of information to search through with my project and thank you for sharing it and creating this source of networking.
Looking forward to your commments.


P.s. sorry for the length
Welcome to the group! Many people come around with the intent on making a costume for the following Halloween, fortunately that is lots of time to get yourself a complete costume.

Best of luck, just make use of the Search feature. It will become your best friend.
With a helmet, you get what you pay for. You can get a small inaccurate one by Don Post or Rubies for about $50+ or you can spend the money and get a Fiberglass lifesize model. They both take about the same work but you will probabily like the higher end bucket better. I went with the cheeper Rubeis one and did a LOT a work on it but it is still small compared to my Fiberglass Boba. Good luck and remember that a Fett costume will cost a lot and take 6 months plus to complete.
Welcome to hell :angry lol just kidding, or am I? Seriously though the journey to Fett completion is a long and winding one, I have made plenty of freinds along the way though so it as been well worth it.

My best advice, only do one component at a time and research each buy/custom build very carefully, do not buy an item off Ebay that is to good to be true or you will get burned.

Stick with the prop department here at TDH and you wont go wrong.
Thanks for all the help and warm welcomes :) sadly being a college student i am very restricted on my funds that i have to make this outfit with.
I think for the time being i will be going with the DP bucket(and update to a fiberglass when i get funds too) , not for sure what year but i hear that they fit a 22 in head size, sadly i am a 24 :( Is that going to be too snug of a fit or will it work out? Also i heard the rubies are "squatty" or shorter from top to bottom is that true?

Also i have been tinkerin with the search engine but for some reason the posts are not really that on target to what i searched for, maybe i need to use better terminology.
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