1st Helmet Part two

trooper rushmore

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Ok, More pictures of my progress. I have begun 'smoothing' out the weathering with shades of grey and begun adding details. I really don't like the side shot with the kill stripes. It looks very crooked at this angle, yet, when I hold it up it looks pretty sweet in real light(thanks to TK409 for the template). Also, I hand painted the ear piece instead of using decals.





Your right Fettfullofdollars. I am gonna do my 1st setup as my own impression(been busy killin ya see). Later I plan on doing an M_S bucket to movie spec. Up to now I've only done models. This is much larger scale and the detail work is still an experiment for me. I am finding some of my methods just are not practical on things this large. So far I am finding layered paint and mustard seem to be the way to go for realistic chipping and weathering. My next bucket will be planned accordingly...heheh...but this is very fun and I hope it will turn out a good looking (non-movie accurate) version. ;)
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