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    ESB whipcord launcher question

    Thats new to me with white sections!:unsure:
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    ESB Right Gauntlet Hose and Where Does It Go? A lot of questions about the hose and the attachement answered in here...
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    Boba's BMX

    This ride is hot! Very cool!
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    ESB whipcord launcher question

    Hi, can someone please tell me if the red marked areas must be removed to be screen accurat? I couldnt find a screencap where its shown. My MOW one was delivered without, my new RKD is the one from the photo. Thanks!
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    Where is the gallery?

    Thank you guys!
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    Where is the gallery?

    Hi, I cannot find the gallery since the site changed... Can somebody show me where the gallery is hiding know? Thanks!
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    TDH Shirts and Patches!

    Ordered Shirts and Patches to Germany!
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    ESB Fett. The Only Fett.

    1. Cut a piece of Tshirt-fabric so that its larger than the damaged area. 2. Sand the inside of the armor and clean it so that its prepared for the glue. 3. Use CA-glue for gluing the crack and wait until its dry. 4. Now put some CA-glue on the area of the damage and press the pre cut...
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    Hello Hunters

    Hello from Heidelberg Germany!
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    Keeping Knee Armor From Breaking

    The Bobamaker Knees are extrem durable, very good material!
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    Blaster Missing Chunk in Webley Stock: A Tutorial (Pic Intense)

    Never saw that detail before! Thank you! Nice little detail...
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    Possible Jetpack harness alternative

    There is no alternative in my eyes. The original works great, sits tight and prevents you from beeing choked. Dont waste your money on this.
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    TK/TS/DZ-50175 Boba Fett ESB - Gauntlet WIP

    RKD gauntlet kit...
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    TK/TS/DZ-50175 Boba Fett ESB - Gauntlet WIP

    I painted the rocket and installed it on my old left MOW gauntlet. Heavy but beautiful! It will stay on the old one till the new gauntlet is ready.