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    WIP for Hannah's RotJ Fett build

    Completed this paint up a while back, my first ROTJ, on an NME Mercenary helmet, medium size I believe. The helmet has since moved hands to finalize range finder, circuit board bits for key slots, and visor.
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    Brokk's Pre-Pro 2 Build (WiP)

    This is a fantastic work in progress. Following with great interest!
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    Is man of war studios legit/good?

    MoW is a great resource, however, you may find yourself having to switch out some of the items. A lot of his items are one size. His gear ships quick and the quality is great for a mass produced item. Makers on the cargo hold do limited runs and sometimes have backlogs resulting in a long wait...
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    Sea Marshall: ESB Fett WIP

    Good eye. I have the MoW belt and I like the way it looks compared to the actual mohair girth. Decided to use it for photos and see if it comes back. I'm aware of the gap and the CRLs say the measured distances are guidelines and GML will determine final say. Because the MoW is smaller for my...
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    MOW Gloves Question

    I recently ran into the MoW snafu as well. I find it disappointing that the gloves only recently felt to scrutiny. Turns out the index fingers have white pads the whole distance around the finger, but requirements say it cant be that way. Also, the gray is too dark. Of course you would never...
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    Sea Marshall: ESB Fett WIP

    Put some dye into a secondary girth belt anticipating the color issue. I like the MoW because there's no threading in the center of the belt. The actual horse girth belt has threading right in the middle of the pattern. I might have to dye or airbrush the MoW to match the colors. At least the...
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    Sea Marshall: ESB Fett WIP

    Hey Chris4321, Thanks for the notes. I learned about the MoW issue and should have the replacement Mike M. gloves by end of next week. Also agreed on the girth belt. I used a brown RIT dye and seems it didn't hold the color post dye. Theres a picture in the WIP and you'll see it. Turns out...
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    Sea Marshall: ESB Fett WIP

    I'll drop this stuff off too for references of where I stand compared to some film references. It's really tough to nail the colors down, especially on my first paint up. I've seen several other Boba painters really nail the color. I used information that has to be several years old for sure...
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    Sea Marshall: ESB Fett WIP

    Did a few updates to the kit before taking application photos for 501st and Mandalorian Mercenaries. It's been a long time coming! Really looking forward to what the two clubs will say with the same photo sets. :cautious: Here's a side by side of indoor lighting, indirect outdoor, and...
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    Sea Marshall: ESB Fett WIP

    I guess until I'm approved, I'm still a WIP! Here are some quick updates: Size and order to Arkady for tailored flight suit, neck seal, and vest. Gloves ordered from Mike M. Holster crafted by Delta13 is in the mail! JC25's RF light kit should be on the way as well! Just got Big Dane's...
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    For Sale Bigdane Jetpack harness kit

    I'm in, PM inc
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    For Sale Fettinator Industries consolidated sales thread

    Lights and servo kit please.
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    For Sale Fettinator Industries consolidated sales thread

    Hey JC, sorry for the redundancy! Please let me know if there is a spot for an FPH2 RF kit and compete lights kit for your next pre-order/production run. Thanks again.
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    Sea Marshall: ESB Fett WIP

    May 4th gave me the unique opportunity to take my kit out for a run with the 501st GGG when they visited my work campus. I attended as an employee with a really nice Boba Fett kit. :lol: I also had a chance to lay out my gear and take reference photos for fine tuning equipment. So much more to...