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    Fettronics/Jupiter Electronics thickness?

    The link for Fettronics is here: Products - Fettronics Star Wars Boba Fett Mando Mandolorian Costume Custom Light Boards The picture on the website might help you. Otherwise you can contact him through the website or he might respond here.
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    Din Djarin cape

    What is the best way to get in contact with Steven Walker? Thanks
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    Boba is Toast

    Hello everyone, since I collect some Sideshow and Hot Toys figures, the link below and announcement was in a recent Sideshow newsletter. I thought some on here might be interested in this pre-order. Toaster
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    Happy New Years!

    A most happy new year to all! May your blaster always be charged, your ship fueled and your bounties large.
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    Joe's Mandalorian Beskar Build

    Thanks for the reply. I have the leg pieces from Sines minus the cylinders, so am planning on ordering the belt when the store opens again and was just curious.
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    Joe's Mandalorian Beskar Build

    Probably a dumb question, but are the buckles on the belt/bandolier made of metal?
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    Boba Fett Prototype / Supertrooper Helmet (ToEleven ESB V2)

    Wow, that gloss looks fantastic! So there was no clear coat other than the paste and polish? I am doing a similar technique for another project but added a clear coat over the paint. Still need to do the wet sanding before using polish and wax. I completely agree that having a supertrooper...
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    Where i can buy or make the boba fett ESB display chest?

    Here's the link to Fettronics Products Fett
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    Jc27 Fettinator Industries Jetpack Beacon Light kit

    I no longer have the cover for the control box. Where can I buy another one?
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    Holiday message

    This was very nice! Did you have to do all of the stunt work?
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    Necronaut’s S2 Mandalorian Build

    No problem. I didn't realize there was a difference between S1 and S2 Beskar other than the right thigh. So at least the S1 CRL is done.
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    Necronaut’s S2 Mandalorian Build

    According to a post on the Bounty Hunters Guild, for the season 1 CRLs, there won't be a season 2 CRL at this time. The post was made by Thiggette on December 22nd. Beskar CRL Discussion
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    1st Time build:

    Hey Skydiver, forgot to ask. Are you planning on joining the 501st with your Fett? Also which version are you planning on doing?
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    Remembering the Legend and our friend Jeremy Bulloch

    Just a few minutes ago, I watched the 40th Anniversary behind the scenes short for ESB. And there he was as the Imperial officer in the Cloud City corridor. There were also some other quick shots in the Fett costume. I never met him but as others have said in this thread there was nothing but...
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    1st Time build:

    Hi, when you are able to get armor will depend on if you want it finished or not. There are several members here that do commissions for painting helmets, armor and the jetpack. If you want to get an accurate costume it will take a lot of patience (not to mention funds). As many on here say...