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    For Sale or Trade Items to trade

    Over my week off for spring break I have been cleaning out some extra clutter from some stuff I have collected over the last few years. I have 2 items I would love to trade for some ESB stuff. I have a 1 body armor vest made by point blank and a ballistic helmet. Obviously both are unused :)...
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    WIP Fettpride Gaunts ROTJ

    Great build!
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    Hi from FRANCE ! ☺

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    Aspiring 501st in Northern Kentucky!

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    Hello from the Land of Enchantment

    Hello and Welcome!
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    Hello from PA

    Welcome to the board!
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    Hello from Northern Kentucky

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    Dying a white pleather ammo belt advice needed

    I am not sure pleather can be dyed. It may have to be painted, but it will need to be painted with a flexible paint or it will crack and chip.
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    Assembled Jango needs constructive criticism

    Congrats! Nice build
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    That is sweet! I may have to get those and print those out when I am done with my ESB build. Thanks for sharing (y)
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    My ROTJ Boba Fett build

    Nice build!
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    The Builder ESB Build

    Looks like a lot of fun! Nice build!
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    ROTJ wip (mostly scratch build)

    Coming along! You're making me ready to start my armor :)
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    WIP ESB Helmet

    Looks like your painting is off to a nice start!
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    3D Print advice?

    Here are a few images of what my jetpack looked like mid process and then finished using the process I mentioned above.