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    Bargain Flightsuit Run

    Beautiful suit and vest arrived safe and sound....awesome stuff thanks Carole x
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    How do y'all stuff your pouches?

    high density packing foam with a section cut out to put my mic amp in.
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    Rebel Commando journal

    Amazing stuff agian Craig....4 costumes ???!!!!!! what next I wonder ?/ x
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    Blaster Budget esb blaster rubies conversion

    I might have one or two....I'll look into it. I didn't really document it much but I think I have some. Thanks BTW :)
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    Blaster Budget esb blaster rubies conversion

    Thanks guys...nice to hear some good vibes :)
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    Blaster Budget esb blaster rubies conversion

    Hi guys.... I'm not one for building things as I'm pretty skill-less... but I'm pretty pleased at the way this turned out. I thought I'd have a crack at making a budget esb ee3 from the Rubies rotj toy. This is the result Obviously only the handle section is left from the toy the other bits...
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    Rancho Obi Wan - The ScreenSavers look inside

    I visited last year.... It's a wonderful place
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    Hand made saber mk II

    absolutely incredible !.....why on earth are you changing you Boba costume ? Whats wrong with it ?
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    Jet Pack EBS jet pack Dental file

    Thanks guys....just seems crazy that anyone managed to learn that its there in the first place....I can't see it any of the gallary photos, but thanks again...I'll use this guide to add mine :) cheers P
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    Jet Pack EBS jet pack Dental file

    Hi Guys, Has anyone got a photo of the dental file for the ESB jectpack ? I read somewhere there is a blue dental file on the jetpack, but I've scoured the gallery and can't see it anywhere ?...maybe it's just my fading eyesight, but how on earth someone discovered it is beyond me . thanks
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    New Member From UK

    looking mighty fine...welcome
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    Fatt Fett Biggest Loser Contest

    wish this started 8 months ago :(
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    Is my Fett suit going to be good enough?

    I'd say it's more than good enough...Can't say for sure with 501st clearance but from what I can see I can't see anything that would stop it. Most groups would be delighted to have this kit on board. great work. Well done
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    Blaster EE-3 ESB slots

    thanks alex....will a dremel cut through metal ?