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    My Jango WIP.....NOW FINISHED

    Bump up to the top
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    Arena pack
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    Jango Jetpacks

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    Arena pack

    I have a full thread documenting my jetpack builds I will see if I can link it for you
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    Arena pack

    I put down a base of silver paint......specifically I use aluminum paint then I put the RnB over the top. Paint never gives you the higher sheen like RnB does in my opinion.
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    New Jango Member Advice Needed

    Fiberglass cold cast is the way to go for the armor and helmet.
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    Jango flightsuit

    Yes Look at other costumes as examples of results but use screenshots and reference pics for actual decisions.
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    Jango flightsuit

    There isn't two flightsuit colors. The suit just shows different in different lighting. You will need to dye the suit to get the proper blurple color. I used purple, pearl gray and bleach washing it to get the weathering right
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    Current State of Cruzer and his molds

    This is good news
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    Jango Fett knee darts

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    Vest Jango Fett Flak Vest

    I have compared these side by side. They are very comparable. I would get which ever one had the best timetable.
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    Is Cruzer still around? Who are the trusted vendors for Jango gear?

    I will try to post tomorrow when I have some time to type maybe can answer a few of your.
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    Jango Fett Build

    Stick to the tried and true colors. Don't try to color match a specific screen capture. You are right about the lighting and blue screen. If you use the tried and true colors you will get all of the variations you can see on screen depending on lighting. But if you try to match a...
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    Helmet Ear Cap Attachment Question

    The way I did it was to drill holes in the helmet first and then put the ears in place and mark the ears through the holes
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    Verbal21's Build Finally Complete!!!!

    Way better