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    For Sale Bigdane Jetpack harness kit

    I wanted to ask: do you make bigger harnesses? The bar that is supposed to be hooked to is right on the seam of the cutout for the jetpack, and I thought maybe if it's about 3 inches taller I could put the hooks on the bottom of the jetpack and have it rest on that. I was worried about too much...
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    For Sale Jet Pack hooks and clips

    PM inbound!
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    LostDreams build. Buying isn't as easy as one may think!

    Thanks! I am busy as usual, so I have some nice completion updates. Well, the EE-3 is close enough that it's almost 100% minus more practice in flash tube weathering and the rings for the leather sling. The stock shows up really dark still, but it's not changed from the earlier photo's. I'm...
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    For Sale Fettinator Industries consolidated sales thread

    Put me down for a jetpack beacon light kit please!
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    LostDreams build. Buying isn't as easy as one may think!

    I appreciate that! I took a pic of the stain I used for it. I just put a second coat on it, and i think I'll stop there. I now am so close to gluing everything together, I am working on the small parts now. After I let things set for a day I'll revisit and update :D I know I have some...
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    Star Wars Celebration 8

    I just put in a request to join, Ben Martin was the name. I will be down at Celebration for all four days, and should be flexible minus a garrison event or two and the day I'm signed up to meet Jeremy B.
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    LostDreams build. Buying isn't as easy as one may think!

    Thanks! I need to post some updates, as real life and handling for my garrison on troops has my schedule crazy! I need to order those, as scope ring broke that came with the stormrider kit :( the aluminum shrouds were too wide for the rings, so I tried to bend the rings out a little so it could...
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    LostDreams build. Buying isn't as easy as one may think!

    That is a Stormrider sidearm from his kit he offers. I bought the EE-3, sidearm, and holster together.
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    LostDreams build. Buying isn't as easy as one may think!

    I've worked a tad more now with the EE-3 Kit, and so far I'm happy! Just trying to get paint going and soon assembly once work settles down. Sunday I gotta drive to Baltimore for my fathers apt at Johns Hopkins hospital, but after I return to Virginia again I'll get to cracking on more. But...
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    New Cape!!

    You all are better than I am; I'd be afraid to touch something so pretty! Good luck on weathering! And don't overdo it as I did with my flight suit :lol:
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    TK-16602's ESB Boba Fett Build

    Looks great! You don't need it, but good luck this go around! Great idea on taking them outside as the difference does show up much better.
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    Other Bounty Hunter Klingon Mandalorian

    This sounds like an awesome idea! I'm really intrigued with the bird of prey jetpack idea. Keeping an eye on your build!
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    Star Wars Celebration 8

    I too took the plunge and signed up to meet him. I really wish I could get a better understanding as to what each of the three tiers mean for people buying their time. Not only did I buy for Jeremy but also for Felicity Jones. I figure too much $$, but it'll be a chance to meet her and it'll not...
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    Sabine Wren season 3 WIP

    Looks like a great start! Great luck to you and your build; looking forward to updates!
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    Star Wars Celebration 8

    I don't know many people outside of whom I have bought items from, but I'm happy to hang out at the booth! I'll be around for all 4 days of the celebration. After I get my items from Lou in February I should be approved and trooping well before Celebration.