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    Want to Buy ROTJ helmet kill stripes stencil. Look no further, and free too!
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    New member's first Boba Fett helmet

    I am always a little more impressed when a helmet is made from scratch like this! Great paint job, but just knowing this originally came form cardboard really floats my boat!;)
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    Jc27 Self Contained RF light kit

    Hello I am trying to purchase 2 light kits but your 'buy it now' button doesn't want to give me that option, any ideas on how to proceed? Thanks.
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    ESB helmet, worth buying?

    Perhaps those strange spots all over the dome are grease spots from wearing the helmet whilst cooking bacon? Who hasn't done that?
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    I sincerely hope your painting skills are better than your punctuation skills! If you want to be taken seriously, you really ought to take better care with how you showcase yourself through communication. Nobody is going to fork over 600-800 dollars to someone who seems semi-illiterate.
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    For Sale Foam helmet liners

    This is really amazing! Definitely on my to get list. I am wondering how you molded this in the first place? I've used that expanding foam and it's a little difficult to control. Just curious.
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    New helmet casts.

    Professional? That remains to be seen, clearly!
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    Hyperdyne rangefiner LEDs

    Thanks for the link jbdubz! I should have simply searched for the link myself, but I was wallowing in self pity and couldn't think clearly.
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    Hyperdyne rangefiner LEDs

    Hey Jc26 I understand you make and sell the LEDs? If so, can you send me a pic and a price? I am now in the market for a decent system as this turd didn't work out.
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    Hyperdyne rangefiner LEDs

    Hi Jc26 Yrs, here are a couple of pics showing how the system is too thick to be housed by the rangefinder. Even if I could ram it in, the clear part still has no room. I am cautious or damaging the thing at the price I paid for it.
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    Hyperdyne rangefiner LEDs

    I bought an LED system from Hyperdyne and it doesn't even come close to fitting into the housing. I have the standard model that comes with any FP, GMH, or Animefan kits, and the LEDs are almost an inch thick from the top of the battery to the under side that has the tilt switch. Has anyone got...
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    Fettpride Shipments?

    Yes he certainly does rnbuda, and it has been three years FYI - so yes, I have an axe to grind.
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    Fettpride Shipments?

    You quoted something I edited 2 minutes later, something that I felt was maybe worded too hard. You are pretty quick on the draw my friend. For the record, I am pretty familiar with Chris and his shenanigans.
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    Fettpride Shipments?

    Nobody should make a customer wait more than 2 years, shame on him!
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    Greedo Greedo Latex mask and hands

    Who are the other 2 sellers? Greedo seems to be a hard to find character.