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    Full scale Millennium Falcon

    This is just too mental.....I cant handle it!.......definitely worth watching, just hope it gets finished as I imagine it will be quite costly.
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    Glowing coffee table I made for my mancave that I'm waaaay too proud of.

    Damn I need a bigger man cave haha, great work by the way!
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    First scratch build

    Good luck with the build! :)
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    Post your Artwork :D

    Here is some of my artwork, nothing digital, what you see is what you get. Hope you like :).
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    Rom Fx for sale

    Wrong section ******* LOL :lol: Forsale ad already in cargo hold Buddy, beat you too it LOL Cheers Steve
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    Long time, no see

    Hey Jon, been a while.....for you and me LOL, didnt realise you went to Germany, hope all has gone well for you and good luck with the new job sounds awsome. Steve
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    .....atlast, the patch arrived today! Only took about nine months lol I have to say very nice patch indeed, kind of worth the wait. It actually says on the envelope that it was posted on Oct 14 2009, so dont know what the hell happened there!! Steve
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    Silly Star Wars t-shirt idea

    LOL, that is awsome, i would wear that...., one of my mates is going to be starting up a t-shirt site at some point and im sure he would want to use this design, if you didnt mind that is? Could come to some kind of arrangement! Steve
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    OUCH!!!! My 1st motorcycle crash

    LOL.....! Glad to hear you are ok dude, falling off a bike is never good, looks like you have someone watching over you for sure, stay safe Steve
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    Mythosaur Tattoo?

    Just do it buddy, you only live once, im a big lover of tattoos, i myself am in the process of a getting my arm done, full sleeve! then it will be onto the next arm LOL, then the chest....maybe the back, then the legs...umm pretty much everywhere LOL Do it do it do it... Steve
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    1st Airbrushed crash helmet attempt!

    Cheers guys, yeah i know its not boba but wanted to try something slightly easier to start with. Plus i didnt really think the fett would look very good on this lid, maybe my next one ;) Steve
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    1st Airbrushed crash helmet attempt!

    I managed to get hold of an airbrush and compressor and decided that i would have a go at spraying my spare crash helmet, this is my 3rd time using an airbrush, the first time was on a ****** bit of plastic, the 2nd was on my garage wall, inside ofcourse, and now this, feedback welcome good or...
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    Buckets off for 2 fallen troopers

    Very sad news, my thoughts are with the families Steve
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    Jurassic Park Car Tribute

    That video was awsome, actually made me feel sad at the end, poor little car. LOL. amazing paint job aswell, really fun! Steve
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    TDH members list (CENSUS) Sharing personal info....

    Dont want to give to much away but..... Steve (Fettsniper), Roydon, Norfolk, UK.....inbetween Norwich and Ipswich. For those that need my phone number have it.