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    Hello from Vancouver, WA

    Welcome! Fyi, Boba is a ball buster. Not to discourage, hope you have time and deep pockets. I have been at it for years and am slowly starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Once done, it will be the coolest thing you will ever own. I am RotJ myself, but I will concede to the ESB...
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    Hello from Vancouver, Canada

    Welcome Jose. I am working on an RotJ myself. I bought some very quality things from vendors on this site. Feel free to contact me for advice. Good luck!
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    Newbie from Spain - 501st approved Boba fett Rotj

    Welcome to the forum. Good luck on your Boba. If I may ask, how much time and cost does a storm trooper cost? I'm thinking of one after my Boba kit is done.
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    ROTJ Cape

    Go to an army/navy surplus store. Buy a canvass half shelter, might cost you $12. Tatter the ends (I used a pizza cutter), put a couple of holes in it, singe the holes with a lighter, a little weathering using a spray bottle with a combo of water and acrylic paint. Bam. Done under $20. You have...
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    Chest display

    Thanks for the advice folks. I found the perfect translucent screen. I cut out a piece of a red tinted divider from a notebook I bought at a dollar store. The duck tape worked really well.
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    I'm approved!! ROTJ Boba

    Congrats! Your Fett is SWEEEEET!
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    Shout out to you from Cleveland, Ohio! Welcome aboard. I have been a member for many years, and there are so many talented, helpfull people here, there is always something new and creative. Enjoy the site and never hesitate to ask for help. Fornoyd jakt.
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    Etsy Vendor?

    Reading this post I saw "avoid" so I had to keep reading further. I work in the food service industry. If I may make a parallel, one person has a good meal, they tell five others, one person has one bad meal they tell 100 others. Bad news always travels faster. Although I have never had...
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    weathering flak vest

    Been searching the site yet can't find good pics of weathered vests. May be a silly question, but since most of it is actually covered with armour, how much weathering is actually necessary?
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    New Guy just like all the others

    Hi Hud, I'm Steevo. Welcome to the site. Lots of info here to enjoy. If you want to go more Mando, there is another site, Mandalorian Mercs, which can help supplement any info you may not find here. Whichever you decide, welcome aboard and good luck with your build!
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    Howdy from Texas

    An RotJ from Ohio. Welcome aboard! Good luck with your build. As mentioned above, this site is a bevy of info. Enjoy, it's like a Boba Fett candy store.
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    Hello iam a newbie

    I am RotJ myself. Never really saw a post like Mullreel's, but that is very sage advice.
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    Rookie Trying My First Build

    My bucket (which I don't have yet) is off to you. Still trying to grow balls big enough to attempt what you started. As mentioned in the other comments, don't hurry, watch detail. Patience will avail and keep you from having to redo things. I made a scratch build ammo belt. Batninja's tutorial...
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    Hello iam a newbie

    Welcome aboard. You came to the right place. Many tutorials, WIPs, vendors and talented helpful people to make that dream a reality. Are you going ESB or RotJ?
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    Message from Woodman

    Amen to that. Woody is the best.