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    Jango Blasters of Unknown Origin

    Hey there my people, A friend of mine has had a pair of blasters sitting around his shop for a couple of years he got as part of a trade. They are pretty impressive. All metal build and seem identical in size but sturdier than my master replicas. He was wondering if anyone can identify the...
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    Having the hardest time finding a crafter of Jango Fett Westar blasters

    Sorry if I'm breaking rules about other peoples threads, sales, or auctions...I was just peeping on ebay and someone has a set of aluminum Jango blasters for like $250 with a buy it now. I don't think they are MR's. I have no idea what they are. Star Wars Jango Fett Blaster Pistol Gun Prop | eBay
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    My Jango

    Nice Kit, Looks Great!!!
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    Has anyone seen the Evolution Jango Blasters?

    I'm still on the hunt for the Master Replicas but keep losing out on auctions and sales. I was considering MAYBE going with these but I haven't had good luck with Evolutions gear. Harpoon Dart - WAY WAY toooo small and flame thrower emmiters WAY WAY toooo big. I didn't use any of the parts I...
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    Yeah...Another Jango Flight Suit Question

    I DO NOT want to go the Barney route...thanks for the Advice Thrax - staying as is - I guess I just need to have a little tailoring done than weathering and I'm good to go. I think I have all my parts now...but first I have to finish my custom before I finish Jango.
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    Yeah...Another Jango Flight Suit Question

    Hey My People, I just got my LSFU Flight Suit and Vest. They look pretty good I think. The wacky thing is, it looks so different depending on the light. Sometimes the suit looks more purple, sometimes more gray and in some photos it even looks a little blue...and the vest looks gray than it...
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    Mando Custom

    Hey MS, Welcome back!!! I still have my original, and it's still unpainted and in storage. I was planning on working on my custom mando soon, once I get it out. Yeah I'm slow. You were working on armor to go with this and never got back to me, before your TDH exit. Did you finish the armor...
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    Have the Asok ILM in hand... This is now a WIP

    Seeing the kit together with the comicon pics lets you see how impressive everything came out!!! Nice build Smu, High Fives and French Fries!!!!
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    Should I produce a Jango boot? (Manofwarstudios)

    YES PLEASE!!!! You've got a US size 12 sold if you do. Super Cool....High Fives and French Fries all around.
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    Right Color for Jango Fett's flightsuit

    I've also been trying to figure out what shade of purple/blue to go with. I have a LSFU on the way. I've been going over the swatches and mix ratios HERE and trying to compare them to screen shots. I think we should start a sticky where everyone keeps track of how they dye thier suit and the...
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    Jango Fett Harness V3

    Arturo I bow to your awesomeness!!!! My harness arrived today and it is AMAZING TIMES TEN!!!! Killer work and perfect design. Thank you Thank you Thank you!
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    FS: Jango Balaclava

    Thanks Brad, Got it today. :thumbsup:
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    FS: Jango Balaclava

    pp sent
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    FS: Jango Balaclava

    Close to Pensacola, Crestview, 501st Parjai Squad. A long way off from Tampa, but I'll be in Clearwater the 21st-26th, right next door.
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    FS: Jango Balaclava

    Hey Brad, I'm in for one as well.