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    Jet Pack Bigdane Harness Assembly

    So following that guide these straps provided are not even remotely close to being the right size Also I didn’t get any of the other metal buckles this is all I got ; ie no sliders and d rings Is the above correct I appear to be missing a few bits
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    Jet Pack Bigdane Harness Assembly

    Thanks its shown me the way happy that i dont need a sewing machine and can hand stitch it, will put at least one side though a machine
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    Jet Pack Bigdane Harness Assembly

    Thank you this makes things a lot easier I have a fixed position Divers belt, i wonder how i am going to attach the divers belt so that its adjustable or i could stick it to a side release buckle
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    Jet Pack Bigdane Harness Assembly

    Hi all I have searched around and looked at some WIPs but i cannot find a guide on how to assemble this kit, feels like the straps are too short. Can someone point me in the direction of a definitive guide or guide on how to assemble the bigdane kit ? Thanks in advanced
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    General Back Armour Fixing - Magnets ?

    Hi all I have a Big Dane Jetback harness kit ( i have yet to assemble) and a Ark lady vest I plan on attaching magnets for the front Armour pieces, -collar armour i plan on using using nylon bolts (i have yet to do) and has two screws that i have made from the square blocks to join the...
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    Salamanderking servo set

    installed a low profile servo in my helmet it doesn’t turn a full 90 degrees how do I change the settings so that it turns a few degrees extra ? Any help or information appreciated
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    Weathering flack vest and Flight suit -ROTJ

    Thanks for the reply so black acrylic or grey, thinned with thinner only or some water too ?
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    Weathering flack vest and Flight suit -ROTJ

    Whats the best way to weather a flight suit, and vest my vest is ark lady fabric- its off white ? The suit is a boba maker rotj - theres also random copper marks in the weave assuming this would just wash out anyway. I have an Iwatta Airbursh & compressor, access to both acrylic and fabric...
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    For Sale Bigdane Jetpack harness kit

    Payment sent
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    is this the same thing as Ronseal Garden paint ?
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    Celebration Europe

    Whos going ? I will be going as my fett on the Sunday
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    Gauntlet assembly and jetpack placement

    Ok thanks guys i wont touch up the gauntlets since they were painted by bm I won't have the same colour paints or shades i dont have a cross bar it's a man of war jetpack harness
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    Gauntlet assembly and jetpack placement

    Hi all more noob questions 1. Gauntlets - is the flame thrower supposed to align with the front of the gauntlets or is there a gap ? Mine were painted by bm I noticed there's a mix of different placements issue is mine is pre painted - there's a damage in the middle if I match the damage...
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    ROTJ Keyslot help please - fine line scratches

    Hey all I tried to do the key slot scratches using maskrol (masking fluid) but cant appear to get the lines fine, they are as blotchy as my paintbrush/toothpick how are people getting such fine scrape marks and lines ? is it steel wool /iron wool or some other method ? I am using humbrol...
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    Dvh stencils order

    excellent as i thought thank you for confirming can start today do i leave the circle stencil on and apply the circle with the line on top of the stencil or do i have to remove the circle stencil completely ? lining it up is going to be hard