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    For Sale TDH Hat Interest Check

    I like the idea of having all of them. Maybe just scaled smaller.
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    For Sale TDH Hat Interest Check

    I would scale down the kill stripes a little. I just think it would look better. Just my 2 ¢s. Either way, I'm still in! Thanks for working on this!
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    For Sale TDH Hat Interest Check

    Count me in!
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    Hasbro black series boba

    Ordered mine....
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    Armor, Jetpack, Gauntlets, oh my! for GeekdadX7

    Lol.... I always do this too. Occupational hazard......
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    Funkyreds Shoretrooper build

    Following.... I'm curious if you'd share the costs when all is done. I'm seriously considering this as my next kit.
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    Sea Marshall: ESB Fett WIP

    The gap between your girthbelt buckets on the rear photo appears to be bigger than 6-8 inches as required in the CRL.
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    Flight Suit I need some weathering advice

    I've never washed mine. Febreze is the way to go. Washing is a no go cause it will remove the weathering, gradually damage the soft parts, or cause shrinkage. You can also put it in the freezer to "clean" it because it kills the bacteria that cause odor.
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    My ESB Fett -- BH-20065 -- 501st APPROVED!!!!!

    Troops #6, 7, and 8
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    Superjedi's FPH2 ESB for Covafett

    Wow. So nice. What an amazing piece of art!!! Can't wait to have it in my hands!!!