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    i tried hot glue...but didnt seem to be strong enuff...maybe mine wasnt really a good one.... is there quality difference (bonding strength) amog glue sticks?? seems the same to me..
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    I really have some trouble Sticking the Visor on with Epoxy. I cant seem to hold it in place...and it needs a good 5- 8 hrs to dry!! Its getting REALLY taxing and I am sooooooo tired... Mines a DP there some other way to screw it in? wad kinda screw or fixures i could use as the...
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    Rubies Jango blaster review(UPDATE 11/8 new paint)

    any one can geta a pain and ship oiver for me?? if can ls pm me..thnks
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    Helmet painting tips

    indeed valuable to know...thnkx!
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    Helmet painting tips

    very insightful!! I'll try them!! Now to my repaint!
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    Helmet painting tips

    how u guys get that nice Curve on the cheeks...mind kinda just wun get as sweet as u guys...any tips?! I also am living in Singapore..any one of u can like get a set of visors suitable to ship over to me? Most online shops dun do overseas outta leave me a price including...
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    Lets see your helmets

    all sooooo sweet...
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    Jango_Fett_Jr\'s ESB helmet *FINISHED* Lots of pics!

    i liek ur flare....mine sucks...aRgh....
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    Got my mystery helmet today! (pic)

    nicee... but is it me or your bucket..but the two "triangle" on the forehead are not in line....... =x
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    Snowtrooper/Boba mystery... **PICS**

    sorrie..sounds stupid...but who is veers?? any pics?
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    ID this helmet?

    no guru here, but the dent and 'signature' floppy Range finder *ahem* makes it look like a Rubies. but again, the deeply recessed Visor area (red) looks like a 96 to me.... and whats all this slamming abt the DPs?? Esp the DP 97?? i own one. I am no professional, and am just starting...
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    Painting my ROTJ helmet

    worsT??? cannot be..... there worst is
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    My custom mandalore helmet finished

    wow.nice colors! inspires me to make a custom! but i am still half done wif my jango.... anyways, its a DP97? or a 96?? nice dude... if its a come i dont see any reinforcement done? is ur bucket that strong? just wondering coz i have a DP 97 myself, and am in the...
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    Perhaps a new fastening method...

    hymm..its those kind to hold plumbing works together and supposedly prevent leaks as well huh? if it could prevent pressure leaks, i hell sure think it will hold the visor...i will give it a try! erm..question...if its sticky as hell, wun it leave "sticky tracks" if i remove 'em???
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    ah..u used arcylic visors....mine are kinda flimsy, the visors..not got it yet thou, its still wif a frend of mine....maybe if its good enuff i might not need to reinforce..