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    eFX PCR Boba Fett Helmet

    The colors are very interesting. When I opened the helmet, I was in a dark room and it looked far darker than I thought it should. Under light, it looks lighter as all of the comparison pictures here show. It is not metallic, but the effect is almost a metallic effect where it is highly...
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    eFX PCR Boba Fett Helmet

    I got mine yesterday. I would post pics, but MinuteFett did a great job previously and mine looks the same as his. For the money, this is a good helmet. Hell, without factoring in the money, this is a good helmet. Nothing compares to doing a paint job yourself, but in several ways, this helmet...
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    eFX PCR Boba Fett Helmet

    I didn't get my shipping notification... probably because I had too many wisecracks on this thread!
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    eFX PCR Boba Fett Helmet

    It is a race between this and the Hasbro Black Series helmet I ordered. Helmets are in hand now according to eFX, so it looks like I will get the Hasbro first (set to be released in May)?
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    Handy Phrases for Troops

    I actually don't. I have found that just making my voice gravelly seems to work. I don't try the Kiwi accent because I am an old school, Jason Wingreen kind of guy. Honestly, the way that I learned to "be Fett" is from watching Fett at Disneyland. You have to be able to improvise, but having...
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    Handy Phrases for Troops

    I have not trooped in a while, and I did one this weekend that was my best troop ever. I have a voice amp that is handy for interacting with folks as they take pictures. My first couple of troops, I tried to do variations of Boba Fett's lines in ESB. This last time, I came up with some new...
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    ESB helmet, worth buying?

    I wonder what the splotches are all over the top of the helmet. In a lot of them, the metal layer is shining through. It is either a bad attempt at artificial weathering by hitting the helmet with something, or it got damaged. Maybe rolling around in the back of a pickup or caught in a hail storm.
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    eFX PCR Boba Fett Helmet

    Mid fall, maybe?
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    Armor Drop Crate

    The armor looks awesome! Those knees must have been tough to build! I like the way it fits in the case. How is it attached?
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    Girth Belt HOW TO Accurately Strap and Secure the ESB Girth Belt

    Great job! I had to figure this out on my own and always wanted to use Visio to make a diagram to get the word out. This tutorial is MUCH better than what I would have done.
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    Need HIC CNC router box help...

    I got mine from Zenix.
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    Antique Market Find!

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    Boba Fett Movie isn't happening

    After watching the last couple of movies, I think Disney is guaranteed to screw Boba up. I am glad they left it alone. It is time to tread new ground and I think that is what the Mandolorian will do.
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    Giant glowy display cases for full size HiCs

    This would be an awesome mannequin display stand!