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    Rangefinder stalk oddity

    Just a wild a** guess. Could it be a cover for the RF wires that has popped loose?
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    Reworking the old Hasbro Helmet into a Holiday/Droids Boba Fett version

    Hoyt, Actually the "and away we go" is a my generation(child of the 50's-60's) reference to the late great Jackie Gleason. I thick Rick stole it.;) Bob Look up the "Great one". You will be amused.
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    Reworking the old Hasbro Helmet into a Holiday/Droids Boba Fett version

    Very nice project. I love the table. A little wine and some belted .308 and away we go. Just for grins, throw in a pic of the whole table top. Did you construct it? Look forward to the paint up.
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    Newvie Mando Build (help!)

    I have built PP Mando helmet. It is on the larger size. Plan on a lot of finish work. Foam will never look like cast or print. Someone will come along with some suggestions. Good luck,have fun.
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    2020 Boba Belt questions

    Google "Africa Rifle cartridge belt images." Looks like that, but he is buckling from behind. Loops are big enough to hold the "rounds" he is carrying.
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    Boba fett mandalorian re-paint, new paint

    Why not make all 3 versions,just say'n.;)
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    Bucket Panel Line Issues - Help

    Needle file would be more controllable, even better would be a fine cut rifler file. These are curved needle files and would work in a smaller area with good control.
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    Helmet Head Strapping

    It looks like the pictured suspension is held in by Chicago screws,epoxied in the proper locations. Same idea that some use to hold T-visors in. Epoxy the male part to the helmet,place webbing hole over it,place a rubber washer then the female part,tighten. If you look at the photo at 7:00...
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    Want to Buy Molex Connectors for EE-3 Build

    Thanks for the reply.
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    Want to Buy Molex Connectors for EE-3 Build

    Being new to all this..... Can you post a picture of a "Molex Connector" so I know what to look for.thx
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    Cruzer Gauntlet Hinge Pins Question

    Try Grainger and ask for drill rod.It comes in multiple sizes. Measure the rod you have and see if they can help.
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    Heavy Infantry helmet (soon to be WIP)

    New here and trying to familiarize myself with the ins and outs. I have acquired a cold cast HI helmet. To me it is very nicely done with an overall even dark gray,gun metal unpolished finish. Now down to the questions. - Can I polish the top rib, mandible area,middle of the RF and other ear...
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    For Sale Foam helmet liners

    Just received my V2 liner and dome. I am extremely happy with the craftsmanship,communication and prompt handling of my order.I would recommend WS products to anyone looking for the finishing touch on their helmet build. THANKS WS! Bob
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    For Sale Foam helmet liners

    White Shadow, What size Chicago screw do you use for your installations? This seems like an excellent install method. thx in advance, Bob
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    Old,but new here

    Greetings one and all. I joined this forum for all the great people and information available here.In the process of building a Jango,Mando and Heavy infantry helmets.Late to the game at 67yoa but heck it's never to late.Thanks for having me. Play safe. Bob