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    WIP: SE/ESB Hero Helmet

    Haven’t stopped working on it. Switching to a different silver brand to prevent as much brush strokes. This will be for sale shortly!
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    MCR-ESB Ear Prep and Fitting

    superjedi always knocking it out of the park!
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    Bounty Hunter Capture log 1981

    I love that helmet graphic!
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    Lazerjock's ROTJ Hero Fett Build

    Few things: 1) Why post in a pre-approval section and not wait until your costume could be reviewed? 2) What was the rush to get approved? There’s hardly any trooping happening at the current moment. 3) Most GMLs know very little about Boba Fett and critique of your ROTJ Hero is justified from...
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    Need help with costume

    If your heart is set on Boba I would make the following suggestions: 1) Research. If money is tight "measure twice and cut once". What version of Fett? What vendors? Timeframe. 2) Learn how to paint yourself. A majority of the cost is commissioning paint. 3) Keep an eye out on the Cargo Hold...
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    Want to Buy vintage Glenross dental expander

    My dream of owning one has been a drawn out nightmare! o_O
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    Suggestion: New Merchandise

    How about Din Djarin instead of Bossk
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    Casio MQ-1 disassembled

    I was very sad when I sacrificed my mq-1 to the Fett Gods.
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    Jet Pack WIP Wasted Fett ESB Jetpack

    Lightened up the pack. Adjusted some other things.
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    Showoff: Completed ROTJ

    Beautiful mannequin!
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    Suggestion: New Merchandise

    Ah the first suggestion? It's been over a year since TDH had their run of limited shirts and patches for Celebration Chicago. I suggest another set of shirts/patches for this strange year!
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    WIP: SE/ESB Hero Helmet

    Working on the back panels...
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    WIP: SE/ESB Hero Helmet

    Moving along. Might play with the red.
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    For Sale Animefan ROTS Darth Vader Fiberglass Helmet

    I spy Kermit and Gonzo!
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    A Fett Painter's Toolbox

    I've referenced this thread while swearing in Hobby Lobby once or twice.