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    Oct 2, 2008, 2:37 AM - Vader neck Seal WIP #1

    Last year I bought a ROTS Vader Helmet on Ebay witch turned out to be a clear M R knockoff , The seller said he was from down under but the package shipped from China , The price I got was so good I bought Two.
    This Helmet weighs about a 1000 pounds and is thick , The paint was so thick all or most of the sharp betail was lost not to mention It's been very uncomfortable to troop in , I decided to strip the darn thing to see if I could make it a little better and what I found after the paint finally came off was enough to make me sick.
    The first layer of resin was so thin that the fiberglass was pushing through and had started to blister the surface ,I also found blisters on the edges of the Helmet so that got sanded to.
    The other thing that I found upsetting was it looked to me that there was specks of resin or some other material in the surface that when sanded would pull out and leave pits and some larger holes that would have to be later filled.
    With alot of filling and sanding I have the Mask 85% under control and I've just started the Helmet that I can post pics of ,I wasn't much on taking pics when I started the Mask mostly because I had know idea that I would be posting a thread on it .
    As far as the Neck Seal goes I never receive one for either Helmet so I'm having to construct my own so here's the process on that .
    I sarted by cutting some foam to the basic shape and size I needed ,

    Then I refind the shape a little more with my rasp

    I got as close to the size as possible useing the Mask as a guide and even going just a little smaller to make up for the filler to be used later ,

    I covered the foam piece with plastic wrap to protect it from the fiberglass and resin that I brushed on and marked the edges for trimming

    After the shell came off I renforced the interior with more glass and resin and lightly trimmed it.

    I matched it up to the mask to get an idea of where it's going and I'll get it marked for a closer trimming .

    Thanks for looking .

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  3. Oct 3, 2008, 6:52 AM - Re: Vader neck Seal WIP #2

    that's pretty sick. I look forward to more progress. you've got a great start

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