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    Hello everyone,
    I have my complete shadow scout trooper armor kit for sale. it includes the following
    don post scout trooper helmet
    leather gloves (not movie accurate)
    complete armor kit shoulder bells, biceps, elbows, front and back armor plating, tactical belt with leg boxes, thermal detonator, and the pair of knee protectors.
    all of the armor pieces are running a strap system so it will stretch to whatever body size u have.
    501st accurate scout trooper boots size 9.5 which run pretty big and have the holster attached.
    the underlying black flight suit
    the cummerbund adjusted to my waist size can be modified to fit yourself

    this is ready to wear armor kit and for a great price. buying all of these pieces and putting them together will cost over $1000! please send me offers through a PM and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I will like to make the sale strictly through Paypal for safety and security reasons! I am a very reasonable person on offers so please no low ball offers! I would like to get around $900.00 for everything and I will pay for shipping. anything less then that I would like for the buyer to pay the shipping. NO INTERNATIONAL AT ALL!
    thank you for your time reading this and i hope everyone is very interested!!!
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