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    Mar 27, 2013, 6:20 AM - Dead Squad: FanFiction story art work... #1

    To start off with, i know technically this isnt a costuming thread, but it kind of is. I'll explain.
    Four years ago (or something like that) i started making my own custom armour, and although it has taken me a while, and im still not finished, it has gone through a few different design tweeks. While making the armour, i have been thinking about the back story as many of us do, and it kinda snowballed a bit. I love writing, and i have now ended up writing 4 (working on the 5th) short stories about my custom mando and the rest of his clan. obviously this gave me a chance to design more of them and i thought maybe i would share them with all of you.
    So far, there are seven members of 'Dead Squad' - Four are mandalorian, one is a Sullustan, one is a slice hound, and an astromech. But there is also a female mando who is stalking them, with a contract on one of the characters.

    Here are the drawings that i have done so far, with a name for each.
    Taler Galaar - RC-1133 recorded as KIA during the battle of Geonosis. Bred to be the best soldier in the galaxy. has a back mounted twin hellfire harpoon missile system intergrated into his armoured backpack - a habit from his army days when he had to carry everything with him.

    Kyr'am Galaar - Mandalorian bounty hunter, late fifties, Originally from Corellia. Tracker and sniper, favours long range weapons or dual pistol quick draw. dislikes jetpacks or anything that is clamped to the back plate, instead prefering a long brown coat that breaks up his silhouette.

    G'hrunk - Whiphid Mandalorian, was a slave at Soruu the Hutt's compound on Nar Shaddaa. was forced to battle other beings for sport. Managed to escape with the help of Kyr'am, and joined the clan. Despises the use of energy weapons, prefering to use spears and blades.

    Dugg Wyndaru - Mandalorian bounty hunter, early twenties, originally from Ord Mantell. Bit of an all rounder - likes twin blaster quick draw, but knows the advantages of long range weapons. Pilots the ship 'Storm Fortress', and works with G'hrunk. Only one to have a jetpack.

    Jenna Nova - Mandalorian bounty hunter, mid twenties, originally from Balmorra. Hired gun for Soruu the Hutt. graceful and agile, yet deadly, all her weapons have style. No jetpack or backpack.

    Well, thats all of the drawings i have for now. i am going to try and finish G'hrunk sometime soon, and also draw the Sullustan and the two mute companions (the astromech and the slice hound) but there will be more characters as well. there are a number of bad guys, as well as those who appear to have no side whatsoever.

    If anyone would like to read the story, let me know. I did post it on my old thread, but im going to try and keep that just for the build now.
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    Mar 27, 2013, 8:05 AM - Re: Dead Squad: FanFiction story art work... #2

    those are great ,love your art work,
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    Apr 5, 2014, 6:01 AM - Re: Dead Squad: FanFiction story art work... #3

    SO its been a really long time... And i have not made any progress with the armour or the stories because I have been in University since september, and i am days away from becoming a father (and the child shall be raised in the best mandalorian traditions, you have my word)
    But i have been doing a bit of work on some character ideas from the stories and thought i would share it with you guys. ive included the others mentioned before because i have redrawn some of them.

    Taler Galaar (Republic commando 1133) thought dead on Geonosis and adopted by a Mandalorian Mercenary as his son.
    Fast, heavy and agressive. Brawler and a heartless killer.

    Kyr'am Galaar, Mandalorian Mercenary originally from Corellia.
    Long range assassin, tracker, and dual pistol speed shooter. Pilot of the 'Trailbreaker'.

    Jenna Nova, Mandalorian Bounty Hunter working almost exclusively for Soruu the Hutt
    Hand to hand expert, graceful and elegant, and deadly.

    Dugg Windaru, Mandalorian Mercenary and captain of the 'StromChaser' (yes the name of the ship has changed)

    Allim'adh'irola - "Madhi" - chiss mandalorian exiled from her family and home. Aggressive and proud and a being of few words.
    With her pet Nexu "Delilah"

    G'hrunk - whiphid mandalorian. ex-slave for Soruu the Hutt.
    Managed to escape with the help of Kyr'am, and joined the Clan. Despises particle weapons.

    Juel Suund and Haze - Sullustan tracker with his Corellian Slice Hound
    Joins up the crew of the 'Trailbreaker' when his own crew are killed during a three sided skirmish with a jedi.

    R3-T64 "Sparky" the tempramental and excentric astromech droid on board the 'Trailbreaker'

    YG-4210 freighter "Trailbreaker"

    Consular class Cruiser "StormChaser" (salvaged ship then customised)

    Thats all for now, hope you like the pictures. i know its not quite custom mandos but thought id share anyway.
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    Apr 7, 2014, 10:22 AM - Re: Dead Squad: FanFiction story art work... #4

    Quote ICEmonkey said: View Post
    those are great ,love your art work,
    Yeah cool, Nice work Brother!

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