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    Jul 20, 2008, 1:16 PM - Spo Con Aug 1st - 3rd anyone else attending?? #1

    Hey, I am going to the Spocon in Spoakane WA. Is any other vode attending???? We are going to have a Garrison 501st table but all are welcome. I would love to hane out with some TDHers

    I met a few people at Comic-Con and chatted a bit about SpoCon and general 501st stuff.
    With the con a a short ways away I wanted to post a reminder and see how many people are interested in doing some stuff.

    For any SpoCon related stuff (rooms, memberships, dates, etc) www.spocon.us or just ask me.

    Opening Ceremonies - Fri 7pm. I know Rob (SpoCon Chair) was talking about asking Vader to have a small part in it, if he hasn't contacted you yet let me know.

    501st Show and Tell - Sat 2pm (I fixed it so it wasn't at such a bad time). Come see what all those Star Wars costumes up close! Get an idea of what it really takes to become a member of Vader's finest, the 501st! And maybe see some rebel scum too. (aka Rebel Legion, since I know some are coming also).

    GoH Speech (Tim Zahn) - Sat 3pm: Come listen to internationally acclaimed author Timothy Zahn speak on all matters of universal importance. (We were trying to have some sort of honor guard for Tim during his speech. If anyone is interested in this let me know.)

    Browncoats, Klingons, and Jedi Oh My - Sun 1pm: Who would win in a cage match? It doesn't really matter, we are just here to check out their costumes! Learn the tricks to making realistic movie and television costumes. (This is a media costuming panel and I wanted to see if there were any costume gurus that want to show off their skills.)

    Looks like loads of fun

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