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    Apr 23, 2010, 4:07 AM - SWG Composite armor Helm - any ideas how to approach this? #1

    Hey guys.

    Many moons ago I used to play Star Wars Galaxies with a few friends. In the game, one of my friends became one of the best armorsmiths around and used to make many, many Composite helms and sets of wookiee armor.

    I'd would like to see how likely it would be to make a real life composite armor helmet. Spraying and paintwork wouldn't be an issue and the visor is clearly begging to be an iridium motorcycle visor... but as for making the bucket itself, I have little idea. I realise the shape would have to be adapted somewhat, as a normal persons head isn't going to fit in there very well!

    So, guys, help me out! Any ideas or methods for making this as easily as possible (modifying existing helms, molding methods for first timers) would be really appreciated!

    Pics of the helmet can be found here:


    and here:

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