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    Oct 28, 2006, 2:13 AM - Re: POSSIBLE JANGO VEST & FLIGHT SUIT RUN! #101

    Quote Benkenove said: View Post
    I think he should rethink about it... the only people who get DAMAGES abuot this are WE, who were in the list... and HIMSELF... Not the people who dont want it, or the people who complaint about it via PMs...

    So please, GBH HELP US .
    But ya gotta remember, it's GBH's decision on this. Ya gotta put yourself in his shoes (no ... I'm not gonna crack my typical "shoe size" joke here.) People saw pictures of his and / or saw his in person ... I saw it in person @ D*C as was thrilled by what I saw! So then people ask "where'd ya get that? How'd you make that?" Well, GBH took time out of his day for multiple days to set up this run for the purpose of helping others. Well, I don't think I have to write anymore to summarize what happened ... it's already known.

    Long and the short of it, GBH was working hard to do something good for others, and in return multiple people came crashing down on him. Ever had something like that happen to you ... when ya work hard for others and are repaid with something bad? It's happened to me before, and I will say it really hurts like hell when it does happen. GBH ... very sorry to hear this happened ... hope you're OK.

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    Oct 28, 2006, 2:56 AM - Re: POSSIBLE JANGO VEST & FLIGHT SUIT RUN! #102

    Off course is up to GBH.. is his desicion... OFF COURSE!!! and I'mNOT BLAMING him to decide to cancell the run.. OFF COURSE!!! that is not my intention...

    My intention is to tell him that no matter what people say, and no matter if some guys droped the list... I think the most important are the people who said YES, and who were in the final list...

    You asked me if something like that has happened to me before, and I must admit that yes, and even worst... We have had even worst problems at work this same summer, making some works and projects for clients, and once done... they simply dissapear... (works valued in more than 240.000$... ) and I can assure you I will keep on working.. but that is another history...

    My point is that I would love to get his jumpsuit and vest... Think about it, at the end, we were 9 in the final list, and I think that some other guys would be IN later on... just a matter of time.

    You have to think that it's normal that something like this happened... The best would be that he would start the interested threast list WITH an approx price... so people would know how much would be (more or less), with no surprises... I WAS a little SURPRISED when I saw the price of the vest, but after think about it, I decided to go on... I think he should not be offended by that... some people can afford it, and some other dont... nothing bad about it... (I cant afford it at this moment, but I was going to borrow some money to get in the list..!!! ).

    Well, wont bug you all more, just wanted to give my support to GBH, and tell him that there were an important amount of people who really WANTED it ... Help us mate !


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