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    Feb 21, 2011, 4:21 PM - RF LED circuit board components #1

    Has anyone been able to locate the two microchips that are on the circuitboard?

    RS 7416 - uk 8103s (I think)

    027P DM7400N

    Or the blue switch?

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    Feb 21, 2011, 5:01 PM - Re: RF LED circuit board components #2

    The RS web site has both the curcuit chips however the 8103s you will need to setal for one with out the branding on it(i have any way)
    the micro switch if you dont already know can be found at an RS web site to along with the batteri used to power the whole suit The 10 / 24 hole card can be purchased from an eletronics store as can the blue switch (though the one i have has sharper edges were the ones used have rounder corners
    so i may either have to setel for that one or hope fully find the right peice same goes for the baterri tower , i think its possible the tower was an actual component to to a batteri operated devise , there for making it hard to find with out knowing were it came from and most of the other parts can be suplimented with modern day peice but if you want all the exact same peices it will be very hard to find them all ive been looking for a few months (not long in fett standards) But im pretty convinced that its possible too pull it of ,
    At the moment im going for a Preproduction 2 total (dry ) replica with all metal parts and as many of them real ones as possible and All working components how ever there arnt any pics of the inside before the interior was oulleed out but it goes to reson it would be the same as the ESB and the PP3

    Are you intending to make a complete replica? and if so which helmet are you going for

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